New Musical Express

November 1968

2 November No. 1138  
Richard Green Traffic Go Mobile Music 2
Alan Smith Doonican: "I’m Forty and Corny" 2
n.a. Trems Make Pop History 3
n.a. Mary Arrives Late for Welcome Party 3
n.a. Mama Cass Solo Flop 3
Richard Green Screams Are Just Great [Nick Jackson, Mo Bacon, Steve Ellis, Rex Braley, and Morgan Fisher] 3
n.a. Jethro to Tour Here 4
n.a. Ballard Twins 4
Richard Green When Cash Sang Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun [Johnny Cash visits Folsom Prison] 4
Derek Johnson Four Tops Take Tamla Crown 5
Derek Johnson Easy Going King Otis 5
n.a. Faces, Amen, Top Package [Dave Davies, Spooky, Grapefruit, Rosko] 8
. Beatles 16,000 TV Album Commercial: All Stations 8
. Nice Are Presenting Own Tour; New Project with Jim Webb 8
. Lulu Show to Replace Saturday "Dee Time" 8
. Second Cream Concert 8
. Pet New Year TV 8
. Stars on One 8
. Jack Good: 13—Week Series in New Year 9
. Scott TV Series [Scott Walker will star in his own series] 9
. Union Gap on Wonder Tour 9
. ITV’s Star-name Autumn Spectaculars Scheduled 9
. Mac for French 9
. Gentry British Tour 9
Allen Evans LPs (Tom Springfield, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band) 10
Nick Logan "I’ve Never Been 100 Per Cent a Bee Gee": Vince 12
Richard Green Simone and Soul—First ‘Hair’ Hit 13
Nick Logan Ryans Prove Its Talent—Not Money that Makes Hits 14
Richard Green Locomotive’s Coloured Sound 14
The Alley Cat TailPieces 16
  Andrew Slater—12 April 2002  
9 November No. 1139  
Richard Green Olympics Show that Wasn’t Gave Long John "Mexico" 2
n.a. Is Price Killing Singles Market? 2
Alan Smith Beatles Double-LP in Full (The Brilliant, The Bad, And The Ugly) 3
n.a. I Miss Mick’s Bath Scene 4
n.a. Life-Lines of Joe Cocker 5
Derek Johnson Foundations in Sparkling Form 6
Derek Johnson Mama Cass Dreams a Nightmare 6
n.a. Beatles—Three Live December Concerts 8
n.a. Beatles’ Album Delay; Network TV Ad. Dropped 8
n.a. Sinatra Waxes Here in Jan. 8
n.a. Tom in Frost—New Singles 8
n.a. Arthur, Clark, Herman, Herb, Geno and Loco Releases 8
n.a. Quitting Gees? (Co Manager Quits) 9
n.a. ‘Loving’ Documentary Again, Mickey Dolenz TV Series 9
n.a. Pitney, Bandwagon, Aretha, Pickett British Details 9
Allen Evans Beach Boys, Equals, Seekers 10
Nick Logan Jethro Tull Group Hits Album Chart [Young Music Behind Ancient Make-Up Adds Up to Success 11
Ann Moses Elvis Says It at Last: "I Want to Tour" 12
June Harris Arthur Brown Joins $10,000 a Night Groups 12
Jan Nesbit Turtles Aim to Bridge the Gap 12
Richard Green Barry Is So Happy to Sing Twin’s Hit 13
Richard Green "Even If I Was Flat Broke I’d Buy a Rolls," Says Malc 14
  Andrew Slater—12 April 2002  
16 November No. 1140  
Chandler, Chas The Jimi Hendrix Story (Part One) 2, 3, 5
n.a. Isley Brothers 5 Year Gap Since “Twist” 3
Gray, Andy Hollies and Nash Part for Mutual Freedom 4
n.a. Your Chance to Vote for the Stars 5
n.a. Is it True that Granny’s Deaf? 5
Green, Richard Film Shows Other Side of Bob Dylan 7
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 7
Johnson, Derek
Johnson, Derek
New Supremes Real Corker
Gimmicks Galore From Patriotic DC5
Johnson, Derek
Ray Charles Pours Out Miniature Masterpiece
NME Top 30 (Charts)
Dec 8—Nash Quits Hollies
Dec 1—Vince Leaving Gees 
Gess: Film Delay, Double LP, TV Specials The Stars on One
n.a. Jools, Trinity to US: Monkees TV 10
n.a. Popliners 10
n.a. Cliff for Xmas Eve TV Special Driscoll-Auger in Own Colour Show 10
Scott Joins Save Rave
Xmas Play for D’Abo
n.a. Xmas Engel 10
n.a. Stones in Big TV Spec 10
n.a. Tom Jones World Tour for US TV 10-11
n.a. Info on This Week’s Releases from Decca 10-11
n.a. Turtles, Four Tops Due Canned Heat, Little Richard Coming 11
n.a. Donovan Concerts 11
n.a. Quo in Australia After Japan Trip 11
n.a. Symbols for US Again 11
n.a. Hendrix Tour in On—February Start 11
n.a. 4500 Seats at the Beatles’ Concert 11
n.a. Herman TV Blitz 11
Logan, Nick Rime Yes—But Locomotive Said No to Pornography 12
n.a. Kenny Keeps Standard 12
n.a. Bobby Gentry, Mama Cass, Bassey Plus a Pre-Hear of the Love Affair’s First 13
Evans Allen Lps Reviewed 13
Altham, Keith Richard Harris Works to Recuperate! 14
n.a. Prime Minister Books Show Stopper 14
Altham, Keith Pete Townshend Keeps the Who Live 15
Smith, Alan Casuals—a Toy for Xmas 15

Green, Richard
Logan, Nick
Smith, Alan

Lee Sits Back and Waits
Variety Club Puts Batley on the Map
America Calling
Who, Brown, Cocker Give All
Tiger Lulu’s So Happy for Marty
  Maria Sosa, 8 April 2002  
23 November No. 1141  
Nesbit, Jan Engel Falls in Love With his New Home 2
n.a. Supremes ‘No’ to 2 Pounds a Second 2
Altham, Barry Ask-in with Chart-Topper Barry Ryan 3
Chandler, Chas Jimi—The Phenomenom who was Replaced; The Accident that Helped Hendrix Conquer the World 4-5
n.a. Top DJ Aims for Top of the Charts 5
Moses, Ann The Double Image 6
n.a. Turtles go Topless—and almost bottom-less as well 6
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed 7, 13
n.a. Union Stick to Style 7
n.a. NME Top 30 8
n.a. Saturday Club Axed 9
n.a. Princess to ‘Funny Girl’ & ‘Save Rave’ 9
n.a. New DJ Lux 9
n.a. Popliners 9
n.a. NME Poll Suspense as the Entries Pour In 9
n.a.  Baldry US Cabaret; ‘Mexico’ Follow-up 9
n.a. Herman, Foundations, Fare, the Gun, Cupid on Radio 1 9
n.a. Info on this Week’s Releases from Decca 9-10
n.a. Aretha for Concert week in February Isleys Here in December 10
n.a. Donovan, Traffic, Pink, Pigmeat, Fury, Frank, Nancy new Discs 10
n.a. Scaffold:  US Colleges 10
Palmer, Tony Revolutionizing, The Recording Industry 12
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed 13
n.a. Black and White LP 13
Harris, June June Harris in New York 15
Altham, Keith
Moses, Ann
Smith, Alan
Logan, Nick
Altham, Keith
Logan, Nick
Bromley, Tony
Alley Cat
Stones Film (No) But Album (Yes)
America Calling
Greek Chartsetters
Bonzo Dog Doo It!
Gun In!
Supremes Were Pop Hit of Royal Variety
From Us to You
  Maria Sosa, 8 April 2002  
November 30 No. 1142  
Smith, Alan Paul Recalls Inspirations of LP 3
n.a. Beatles Chart History by Getting Double LP 3
Smith, Alan The Crazy Scaffold and a Wild Jeannie 4
World Hits Hey Jude-Beatles #1 in Australia, Holland and Norway 4
Green, Richard “Hit Single Was Just a Fluke,” Says Joe [Cocker] 5
Johnson, Derek Soulful Dusty – at Her Very Best 6
Johnson, Derek Trems Go All Somber 6
Johnson, Derek Herman Adds Sparkle 6
NME Top 30 #1 Eloise-Barry Ryan (MGM) 7
n.a. Elvis Keeps His Crowns; Lulu – World Title, Jimi Is World Runner Up 8
n.a. Cocker Topping Albert Hall Visits; U.S. Visits 8
n.a. Beach Boys Union Row 8
n.a. Discs [prices] Up Again 8
n.a. Tom Jones TV Series for Peak Sunday-night Spot 8
n.a. Gun First U.S. Tour 8
n.a. Hump Presents Leapy’s Gold Disc Beach Boys in BBC-2 Showcase Dusty, Malcolm – Xmas special 8
n.a. Scott Movie Song [Walker] 8
n.a. Aretha [Franklin] Breaks Leg 8
NME Special Welcome to the Beach Boys [4 page Beach Boys supplement] 9
Moses, Ann Beach Boys Use Power to Do Good 11
Altham, Keith “Sometimes I Wonder How They [BB] Keep Their Sanity,” Says Road Manager, Dick Duryea 11
Johnson, Derek Good Catchy Pop – but It’s Not Usual Style [review of BB’s latest single] 11
n.a. Dusty [Springfield] Back with BBC 13
n.a. Illness Ends [Bee] Gees Tour 13
n.a. Barry [Ryan] Rejects Big Film Offer 13
n.a. Beatles Shows: Venue Switch; Fan Club Xmas Disc; ‘Hey Jude’ hits 6 million 13
n.a. [Gene] Pitney, [Four] Tops, Isleys; British tours are taking shape 13
New Discs Elvis, Jose [Feliciano], Otis [Redding], [Canned] Heat’s double LP 13
Evans, Allen LPs reviewed: Dave Clark [Five], [Richard] Harris, [The Alan] Bown, [Jeff] Beck 14
Johnson, Derek Marmalade Cover Beatles LP Track 14
Johnson, Derek Cream’s Farewell Night of Emotion 14
Johnson, Derek Frank [Ifield] at ‘Talk’ 14
Altham, Keith Scott [Walker] – His Own Worst Enemy; Now He Adds Flying to His Other Fears 15
Green, Richard “U.S. Trip Was Like Nightmare,” Says Hit-maker Mickie Most but He Returned with Some Fascinating Stories about Donovan, Jeff Beck and Terry Reid 16
Green, Richard Unfair and Insecure, That’s How Gene Pitney Brands Stars Who Won’t Tour 17
n.a. After Mrs. Miller, Tiny Tim, Here We Go Again… 17
n.a. Monkee Message 17
  Jeremy Steuer, 3 April 2002  
  grtedit — 12 April 2002