New Musical Express | 1969

4 October No. 1186
n.a. "Making Hits Is as Easy as Pie," says Temps Dennis 2
n.a. Jethro Tullverised ‘Em 2
Green, Richard Pop Business Joke: ‘By Christmas It Will Be THE Bee Gee,’ But It’s Unlikely to Come True. 3
Coxhill, Gordon Hank and Cliff Keep Hit in the Family 4
Wells, John Latest Singles Reviewed:
Mattress Mad Jam (‘Naturally Fat Mattress)
‘Baby, Baby, Baby,’ Sue Lynne
‘Black Gal,’ Clifton Chenier
‘Caroline,’ Mark Wirtz
‘Black,’ Mar-Keys
Power House From Ex-Hawkins Lead (‘All God’s Children Got Soul’ Dorothy Morrison)
White Trash Cover Beatles (‘Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight’ White Trash)
‘Malena, Malena,’ Pennyworth
‘Go Out and Multiply,’ Suzanne Harris
‘Portcullis Gate,’ Bulldog Breed
‘A Night to Be Remembered,’ Dawn Chorus
‘Dismal Day,’ Bread
‘Somebody New,’ The Emotions
‘There Is an Island in the Sun,’ The New Faces
‘Where in the World,’ The Incrowd
‘A Touch of Velvet – A String of Brass’ The Mood-Mosaic
‘William Tell,’ The Cats
‘The Day the Earth Stood Still,’ David Essex
Steppenwolf Try with Big U.S. Hit (‘Magic Carpet Ride’ Steppenwolf)
Can Ray Prove Me Wrong? (‘We Can Make It’ Ray Charles)
‘I Wasn’t Born to Follow,’ Byrds
‘World (Parts 1 and 2),’ James Brown
‘We Gotta All Get Together,’ Paul Revere and the Raiders
‘Behold,’ Troy Dante
‘For What It’s Worth,’ The Staple Singers
NME NME Top 30:
1. ‘Bad Moon Rising’ Creedence Clearwater Revival
2. ‘Je T’aime… Moi Non Plus’ Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
3. ‘I’ll Never Fall in Love Again’ Bobbie Gentry
4. ‘Don’t Forget to Remember’ Bee Gees
5. ‘A Boy Named Sue’ Johnny Cash
NME Britain’s Top LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3. Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2), Rolling Stones
4. Stand Up, Jethro Tull
5. Hair, London Cast
n.a. Blind Faith Split Denial
Karen Young Clubs, Plans
Bonnie Date Delay
Bacharach in Town (Burt Bacharach)
Philips Price-Cut (Philips Records)
Amen Abdicate – ‘Get Back’ as Last Single (Amen Corner)
Bee Gees Duo Tour Plan
Geno Break-Up (Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band)
Frankie Xmas Special (Frankie Vaughan)
Lou, Equals, Dave Dee on Radio One (Lou Christie)
Ella-Paul Ryan LP (Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Ryan)
Europe Pop Vote
Tyrannosaurus Split (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
45’s by Band, Trems Glen; Gene Revival (The Tremeloes, Gene Vincent)
Marbles to Split
Christine Perfect Forms Own Group
Little Richard, M.G.’s and B.B. King to Tour (Booker T and the M.G.’s)
n.a. Esther, Abi Break-Up [Esther & Abi Ofarin…]
Tiny Tim Returns to Britain
Gray, Andy Welcome Home to Jones the Conqueror (Tom Jones) 9
  Protection for Tom Jones in Las Vegas 12
n.a. Ono ‘Turkey’ Follow-Up (Plastic Ono Band)
Herman Panto (Herman’s Hermits)
Gaye Dance Dates (Marv Johnson)
Dorsey Tour-Date Changes (Lee Dorsey)
U.S. Move Try Again
Vincent Hill in Pantomime
Jose Palladium LP (Jose Feliciano)
Grape Goes A-and-R (Grapefruit, Pete Swettenham)
Rhadha and Bowie on Pie Package (Rhadha Krishna Temple, David Bowie, Humble Pie)
Jones Engel TV Guest (Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck)
Chicken Dates, America Plans (Chicken Shack)
Mattress Concert (Fat Mattress)
Beach Boys Royal ‘Rave’
$250,000 Dekker (Ireland Desmond Decker)
Tangerine Loses Leader (Tangerine Peel, Mike Chapman)
Evans, Allen LP Page
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (vol. 2), Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
Five Leaves Left, Nick Drake
Zager and Evans Have a Great Deal to Say, Zager & Evans
Johnny Nash from Jamaica (Soul Folk Johnny Nash)
Asylum for the Musically Insane Tea & Symphony
The World of Mantovani (vol. 2), Mantovani
Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66, Sergio Mendes & Brazil ’66
Strings: Oliver
The Name is Corny, but Not the Music (Arc 2 Flaming Youth)
Concerto in B Goode, Chuck Berry
Good Stuff from Idle Race (Idle Race)
Proud Mary, Solomon Burke
Wells, John Hairy Ones Celebrate 1st Birthday and Near 250,000 LP Sales (Hair) 15
n.a. From You to Us 16
Moses, Ann Donovan Ends Act with High Dive 16
Harris, June Crosby, Stills, Nash preview 16
Coxhill, Gordon Pop and Classics Mixture United All but I Enjoyed Deep Purple’s Experiment 16
Coxhill, Gordon It’s Different So Dusty’s Extra Pleased about New Hit (Dusty Springfield) 17
Logan, Nick Pop is a Man’s World Says Try-Again Jackie (Jackie de Shannon) 17
Coxhill, Gordon Suddenly This Singer Will Be Seen and Heard a Lot (Peter Sarstedt) 18
n.a. July Release Is Now a Hit (‘Nobody’s Child’ Karen Young) 18
n.a. David Waited Five Years (‘Space Oddity’ David Bowie) 18
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 20
  Ed Giza, March 2004  
11 October No. 1187
Sargent, Linda Fans Faint at Andy’s Amen [Andy Fairweather-Low of Amen Corner] 2
Logan, Nick Sits In on a Fleetwood Mac Rehearsal Session 3
Logan, Nick The Pied Piper of a New Era of Pop [Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson] 4
Green, Richard Sunshine Music – That’s What Lou [Christie] Calls His Hit 5
n/a From You to Us 5
n/a Beatle LP Covers . . . You Pays Your Money . . 6
Wells, John Dogg Throw in Their Lot [Family Dogg] 6
Wells, John A Lovely Hit from Sarstedt [Peter Sarstedt] 6
Wells, John Nash Revives Elvis ‘Tender’ 6
Wells, John Dave ‘Love Battle’ [Dave Clark Five] 6
NME NME Top 30
1. “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again,” Bobbie Gentry
2. “Bad Moon Rising,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
3. “Je T'Aime . . . Moi Mon Plus,” Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
4. “A Boy Named Sue,” Johnny Cash
5. “Lay Lady Lay,” Bob Dylan
NME Britain’s Top 20 LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3. Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2), Rolling Stones
4. Blind Faith, Blind Faith
5. Ssssh, Ten Years After
n.a. Royal Show Group Snub–but Tom [Jones], Cilla [Black], Des [O’Connor]
Who, [Jimi] Hendrix, Nash in Festival Movie
Moody Blues Own Label
Hollies Concerts
n.a. Beatle, Stone May Join Clapton – Tour [Delaney and Bonnie] 8-9
n.a. Krishna London Concert Season
TV Showcase for New Pop Talent [hosted by Lonnie Donegan]
Bowie TV spec, solo concert [David Bowie]
Amen Wax Scat Track – New Group by Xmas [Amen Corner]
Bee Gees Wax Next; Hits LP
n.a. Singles
[Plastic Ono Band] Ono, [Billy] Preston, [Christine] Perfect, Pet, Scaffold, Ex-Move
Gray, Andy Spotlight on Pre-Recorded Tape Players 10
Coxhill, Gordon Music Wherever You Go– If It Is Cassetted! 10-11
Coxhill, Gordon Endless Music on 8 – Track Stereo 11
n.a. Bee Gees in Your Bath [Cassette Player Ad] 11
Evans, Allen LPs:
Mama [Cass] Is So Cheerful!
Kinks with Pop Opera
[Frank] Sinatra plus [Rod] McKuen Spells Magic
Mixed Bag from Lulu
Jerry Lee [Lewis]’s good example
Logan, Nick Led Zeppelin’s [Robert] Plant Tells Why Group Goes to America 15
Gray, Andy [Jose] Feliciano Triumph 15
Carr, Roy Canada’s Toronto Turns on Rock 15-16
Johnson, Derek Malcolm Is Tops! [Malcolm Roberts] 17
Moses, Ann Moodies Call In 17
Harris, June Beatles’ ‘Road’ Up! 17
n.a. Cartoon Group [The Archies] Is New to the Charts 17
n.a. [Harry] Nilsson’s Debut with ‘Cowboy’ Film Song 17
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces by the Alley Cat 18
n.a. Lonnie Donegan Proves He Is True All-Rounder 18
n.a. Classified Ads 19
  Tommy Grimaldi, Thursday, 5 February 2004
18 October No. 1188
Coxhill, Gordon Nobody Would Throw This Bobbie [Gentry] Off a Bridge 2
Logan, Nick His Music Makes [Johnny] Cash a Myth 3
n/a Lifelines of Creedence Clearwater 4
Smith, Alan New to the Charts: Scots Group Knocked Out [White Trash] 4
n/a P.P. Arnold’s Soul Is Now with Polydor [full page ad] 5
Yorke, Ritchie The Big Break: His [William Oliver Swofford] Took Five Years . . . 6
Coxhill, Gordon . . . and Hers [Karen Young] Seven Years 6
n/a From You to Us 7
n/a Fleetwood [Mac] Take It Easy as ‘Oh Well’ Sails up NME Chart 7
Wells, John Newcomer Has Good Chance [R.B. Graves] 8
Wells, John Jethro [Tull] Do It Again 8
Wells, John Family Need Spins 8
Wells, John New Rocking Trems [Tremeloes] 8
Wells, John Sincere Joe Scores with Tear-jerker [Joe Dolan] 8
Wells, John Fleetwood Soloists 8
n/a NME Top 30
1. “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” Bobbie Gentry
2. “Je T’aime . . .Moi Mon Plus,” Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
3. “A Boy Named Sue,” Johnny Cash
4. “Lay Lady Lay,” Bob Dylan
5. “Bad Moon Rising,” Creedence Clearwater Revival
n/a Briatin’s Top 20 LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3. Through the Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2), Rolling Stones
4. Ssssh, Ten Years After
5. Then Play On, Fleetwood Mac
n/a Two-Million-Dollar US Tour by Stones; New LP
Glen [Campbell], Mireille [Mathieu] in British Movie Musical; 12 Songs by Les Reed
US Group for Albert Hall [Chicago Transit Authority]
Alpert Sell-Out [Herb Alpert]
[Johnny] Cash, [Fleetwood] Mac, [Family] Dogg, Herman [Herman’s Hermits] on TV – Barbara Streisand TV Special; New Disc Series Due
New Lead Singer [Rod Stewart] Joins the Faces
Delaney, Bonnie: Conert Dates with [Eric] Clapton Set
n/a Who Will Perform “Tommy” at the London Coliseum 10-11
n/a Tamla Package Soon
[Family] Dogg: No Split – But Individual Freedom
George [Harrison] Solo on Beatles Single
Dusty [Springfield] in Cilla [Black]’s Xmas Show & ‘Decade of Pop’ TV Survey
[Bee] Gees Land TV Series – So Tour is Postponed
Evans, Allen Tony Bennett Magic
King Crimson at Last
Aynsley Dunbar [Retaliation] Relax
Dionne Warwick Charms
n/a Billy Preston ‘Everything’s All Right’ [full page ad] 13
Logan, Nick Have-a-go Hollies cut most Progressive Hit Ever 14
Nesbit, Jan Jan Nesbit Flies North to Meet the New Seekers 14
Webb, Martin LP Personalities: Blind Faith 15
Johnson, Derek Malcolm Roberts Really Did Win in Rio! 16
Moses, Ann Plenty Pop in NY Now 16
Gray, Andy Pity They Had to Walk Out on Humble Pie’s Exciting Act . . . but Samson Let Whole Show Down 17
Logan, Nick London’s Underground Off to a Good Start 17
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 18
n/a Classified Ads 19
n/a Terry Reid Is Superlungs! [full page ad] 20
  Thomas Grimaldi, February 2004  
25 October No. 1189  
Coxhill, Gordon Mama Cass Hates Hypocrisy 3, 4
Coxhill, Gordon Creedence [Clearwater Revival] Visit hangs on Next Single 3
n/a [The Rolling] Stones Set Out on a 2-Million Dollar Tour 4
Coxhill, Gordon Mama Cass 4, 3
Green, Richard Upsetters Boost Reggae Trend 4
Logan, Nick Colin Peterson Answers Bee Gee Barry [Gibb] 4
Smith, Alan Alan Smith Reports the Latest Views from Detroit – A City Packed with Natural Motown Talent 6
Smith, Alan Diana [Ross] Splits Next Year 6
Smith, Alan Four Tops Hoping For British Tour 6
Johnson, Derek Hit for Herman [Herman’s Hermits] 8
Johnson, Derek Clodagh [Rodgers] Can Do No Wrong 8
Johnson, Derek Marmalade Sing Bee Gees 8
Johnson, Derek 2525 Duo Lose Magic [Zager & Evans] 8
Johnson, Derek Head Start [The Temptations] 8
Johnson, Derek Fitting Amen from Corner [Amen Corner] 8
Johnson, Derek Winner from P.P. Arnold 8
n/a NME Top 30
1. “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” Bobbie Gentry
2. “I’m Gonna Make You Mine,” Lou Christie
3. “He Ain’t Heavy – He’s My Brother,” Hollies
4. “Sugar Sugar,” Archies
5. “Je T’Aime . . . Moi Mon Plus,” Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
n/a Britain’s Top 20 LPs
1.Abbey Road, Beatles
2.:At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3.Through The Past, Darkly (Big hits Vol. 2), The Rolling Stones
4.Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, Various Artists
5.Ssssh, Ten Years After
n/a All Star Xmas ‘Colour Me Pop’ 10
n/a Your Latest TV Bookings – Lulu, Cilla [Black], Mary [Hopkin], in [Harry] Secombe Show 10
n/a Glen Campbell For Palladium 10
n/a Movie News – Royal Premiere for Ringo [Starr] Film 10
n/a [Georgie] Fame to Sing Movie Theme 10
n/a Sam and Dave, Joe Tex Open at Albert Hall – January 22 10
n/a Who Concert Dates 10-11
n/a Diana [Ross]’s Departure Is Official – Mary to Lead Supremes; New Girl Is Named 10-11
n/a [The Rolling] Stones Fly out to Headline Star-packed Bill in States 10-11
n/a Now Drury Lane Enters the Pop Concert Arena 10-11
n/a Tom [Jones], Englebert [Humperdinck]: LP Tracks 11
n/a Bonanza of Star Albums 11
n/a Singles: Lulu, [Love] Affair, Max [Romeo], Mama [Cass] & [Stevie] Wonder 11
n/a Beatles in Film Doumentary – Plastic Ono Band’s First LP 11
n/a New Manfred [Mann] Group Now a 10-Piece Band 11
n/a Hollies’ TV Special 11
n/a Upsetters Visit 11
Evans, Allen John Rowles Fire 12
Evans, Allen [Chicken] Shack Compensation Is Paul [Raymond]’s Organ 12
Evans, Allen Star Studded P.J. [Proby] LP 12
Evans, Allen [Family] Dogg Just Beautiful 12
Evans, Allen Kingston Trio Magic 12
Evans, Allen Cream of the Cream? 12
Webb, Martin I Don’t Have to Live Up to Cream Any More, Says Clapton 14
Webb, Martin Steve Winwood Has LP to Do for United Artists 14
Harris, June Mitch [Mitchell] Helps Jimi [Hendrix] Again 14
Harris, June [Bob] Dylan Back to the Village 14
Moses, Ann Humour from Elvis [Presley] 14
Smith, Alan Are You Getting Krishna’s Message? 15
Smith, Alan Nilsson – The Complete Opposite of a Pop Star 16
n/a From Us to You 16
n/a Pop’s Faceless (Until Now!) DJs [Tony Prince, Paul Burnett, Kid Jensen, David Christian, Bob Stewart] 17
n/a Unknown Briton Wins 208 Contest [J.A. Freedman] 17
n/a Christmas Every Week! [NME subscription ad] 17
Coxhill, Gordon Jane [Birkin] Sounds Phoney – Claim Sounds Nice 17
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces by The Alley Cat 18
Gray, Andy Trem Weds Minus His Best Man! [Tremelo Len “Chip” Hawkes] 18
n/a Classified Ads 19
  Tommy Grimaldi, 5 March 2004  
  grtedit 11 April, 2004