Texas Geology Map
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Texas Trip Spring 2005

John J. and Barbara R. Thomas


The Trip to the Big Bend

Arrival in Big Bend

Wilson Ranch to Mule Ears Butte

Old Ore Road

Rio Grande Village and Boquillas Canyon

The Window and Dugout Wells

Grape Vine Hills

Lost Mine Trail

Santa Elena Canyon

Blue Creek Trail and Paint Gap Road

Big Bend Ranch State Park, Day One

Big Bend Ranch State Park, Day Two

Fort Davis

Guadeloupe Mountains

El Paso Missions

Hueco Tanks

Return to Guadeloupe Mountains

Palo Duro Canyon

Guadeloupe Mountains National Park

The Guadeloupe Mountains viewed from the southeast.

McKittrick Canyon in the National Park.

       The haze is dust blowing off a playa (dry lake) to the west. It was blowing a gale.

The ruins of The Pinery, a Butterfield Stage station.

A Texas Madrone with the blooms on the left and an Alligator Juniper.

The Bladder Pod, another yellow flower we saw everywhere.

El Capitan, part of the Guadeloupe Mountains.

It is a massive Permian reef. The yellow flowers at the base are the Bladder Pod.

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