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Skidmore College
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Scribner Seminar Program
Course Description

Care of the Heart

Instructor(s): Denise Smith, Health & Exercise Science

Can you really die of a broken heart? The heart evokes images of love and emotion, yet from a physiological perspective it is essentially a pump designed to circulate blood through the body. In this seminar, students will explore the historical association between the physical function of the heart and the emotional meanings we attach to it. Students will examine the physiological function of the cardiovascular system from a scientific perspective. Students will compare normal cardiovascular physiology to the pathological condition of cardiovascular disease (CVD), and will then explore mechanisms of CVD progression, risk factor identification, prevention strategies and treatment options, and the impact of behavioral choices on CVD risk. Students will present and debate issues of public health policy related to recreation, physical activity, nutrition and health care service and their impact on CVD prevalence.

Course Offered