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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Summer Reading

A central feature of Skidmore’s First-Year Experience is the Summer Reading program, the purpose of which is twofold.

  • First, we want to impress upon you that intellectual engagement need not be confined to classrooms, studios, labs, or academic calendars; on the contrary, higher learning is ongoing and everywhere. The Summer Reading program is one way to get started even before you set foot on campus.
  • Second, we want to provide you with a common intellectual journey that generates questions, prompts conversations, and binds the first-year class together. We hope that discussions, arguments, and aspirations prompted by this year's selection will be among the fond memories you make at Skidmore in your first days and weeks of college.


Professor Rachel Roe-Dale 
Director of the First-Year Experience and Professor of Mathematics and Statistics


Class of 2027- Please check back here for more information regarding your First-Year Experience Summer Reading, once the selection of the title has been made.