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Skidmore College
First-Year Experience

Dates, Deadlines and Forms

Available in March 2019 for the Class of 2023
























































































































Class of 2022

What Students Need to Know:

Dates and Deadlines:

London FYE Students and Opportunity Program Students: Please follow the links below to dates and deadlines for your programs

London FYE Students

Opportunity Program Student 

Academics and Advising


Activity and Deadline Description

Academic Interest Form

Deadline: May 16

Once you have enrolled at Skidmore, you need to provide information regarding your academic interests to the Office of Academic Advising. Even if you are "undecided" about a major like most incoming first-year students, please identify three areas of interest. This information is crucial in assigning you a Summer Advisor who will contact you in early June.

Deadline: May 16

Scribner Seminars 

Deadline: May 16

Scribner Seminars are the centerpiece of the First-Year Experience. Based on faculty members' intellectual interests and passions, the Seminars help you explore ideas, challenge assumptions, and gain first-hand knowledge of Skidmore's expectations of academic rigor and excellence. Seminars change annually, so make sure to review this year's descriptions.

Deadline: May 16

Expository Writing Directed Self-Placement (DSP)

Deadline: May 21

There are several levels of Expository Writing offered at Skidmore. The Directed Self-Placement (DSP) will provide important information on which level is most appropriate given students’ current skills. Click here for the DSP.

NOTE: If you experience any issues with this placement exam, please check the FAQ first. If the issue is not on the FAQ, please contact the IT Help Desk at or 518-580-5900.

Summer Advising

From June 1-22

In early June, you will be contacted via your Skidmore e-mail address by a faculty or staff member who will serve as your Summer Advisor. You will be asked to make a phone appointment to talk with your Summer Advisor during this timeframe. The advisor will provide a brief introduction to Skidmore's curriculum and degree requirements, and will help you craft a first-semester schedule. Please be prepared to talk about your Scribner Seminar placement, preferred courses, and possible co-curricular activities (athletics, clubs, etc.). Prior to your conversation, please review the New Student Advising and Registration Guide available through the Summer Advising Hub (under Advising Related). Registration for fall courses occurs in late June.

Note: If you are going to be away for the entire Summer Advising period, please contact the Office of Academic Advising (518-580-5720) to make alternative arrangements for advising and registration.

Course Registration

Begins June 20 or 21



First-year registration for fall courses begins on June 20 or 21, based on the assigned times in your registration email sent to you in late May. Please be sure you have talked with your summer advisor before your assigned registration date/time. You should register during your assigned time, but you can make changes to your schedule until the end of the Add/Drop period.

If you are unable to register during your assigned time, please be sure to discuss this with your summer advisor and contact the Registrar's Office.

Reflection and Projection

Opens: June 30

Deadline: August 30

We require new students to tell us about their current aspirations, academic and co-curricular aims, and overall educational goals. This "dialogue" begins with the Academic Reflection and Projection Project (RAP). You will be asked to answer one question; please take it seriously and give it some thought before responding. The question is quite broad, yet, we believe it is the primary question you must wrestle with during your college years. In essence, you are asked to reflect on your current place in the world and, imagining a wonderful intellectual and co-curricular life at Skidmore, where you'd like to go. The RAP is used by your Faculty Advisor to discuss future academic plans (only your advisor has access to your RAP). This form opens on June 30.

Deadline: August 30

Placement Exams

Deadline: prior to talking to summer advisor ONLY if you plan to take these course in the fall.

If you plan to take World Language, Calculus, or Chemistry please be sure to take the placement exam before you talk to your Summer Advisor and register for classes. This information is critical for setting up your fall schedule.  If you plan to major or minor in Music, you should self-diagnose according to the music theory guidelines below; but you may register now for whichever music theory course seems most appropriate.

*The World Language Placement Exam is for students who have studied French, Spanish, Italian, and German and are planning on continuing. You do not need to take the exam if this will be your first course in French, Spanish, or German. Students interested in Greek and Latin should visit the Classics Department Web site and contact Michael Arnush, Professor and Chair, Department of Classics with any questions.

Music Ensembles

Deadline: August  

Students interested in participating in music ensembles and/or private instruction for voice or instrument should fill out the online interest form over the summer and contact the appropriate instructor as early as possible in September. Audition schedules will be in the orientation materials you receive when you arrive.

Living on Campus

Activity and Due Date Description


Upon receipt of IT letter in May

Skidmore, faculty and administrators will contact you via your Skidmore e-mail. It is imperative that you create your account and check your Skidmore e-mail. Faculty, staff, and student leaders will be sending e-mails to your Skidmore e-mail.If you have difficulty setting up your account, please contact the IT Help Desk (requires Skidmore username to login). The IT Help Desk can also be reached by phone Monday-Friday between 8:30AM-4:30PM EST at 518-580-5900.


Residential Life

Questionnaire available June 4-15

The Residential Life program encourages and provides an atmosphere where serious academic study can take place; where friendships are formed; where healthy living is discussed and encouraged; where diversity is celebrated; where a variety of social and cultural opportunities are provided; and where students learn and apply the concepts of responsibility to one's self and the community.

Wondering what it's like to live in a Skidmore residence hall?

Need to know what to bring?


Student ID

Submit photo between July 1 and August 15

Beginning July 1, you will be able to upload a photo for your Skidmore ID. Your ID is essential for your first day at Skidmore, so be sure you upload your photo between July 1 and August 15

Please follow the guidelines when submitting your photo. Photos that do not follow these guidelines or are deemed inappropriate will not be processed, causing unnecessary delays when you arrive on campus. If you have difficulty meeting the guidelines, please contact the Skidmore Card Office (518) 580-5854.

The Skidmore Card is much more than a traditional I.D. Not only does it identify you as a member of the Skidmore community, it also allows you access to the dining halls and other campus facilities; operates on the basis of a declining balance account for various purchases on and off campus; and holds all the information concerning your meal plan.

Registering Your Vehicle and/or Bicycle

Beat the rush and register your motor vehicle online. By registering in advance, your vehicle registration decal will be waiting for you in your campus post office box when you arrive on campus. There is a fee of $110 for an academic year (or $55 per semester) to park a vehicle on campus. This fee is charged to your student account. All vehicles parking on campus MUST be registered with Campus Safety.

Bicycles – If you plan to have a bicycle on campus you must register the bicycle with Campus Safety. Registration takes place in-person at the Campus Safety office in Jonsson Tower during the first weeks of the semester.

The Skidmore Shop The Skidmore Shop is Skidmore's official store for Skidmore apparel, art supplies, and textbooks. The Shop is also an authorized Apple Campus Store with full Apple inventory and Apple hardware/software support.
Dining Services Skidmore's dining services does more than just provide food. It provides students with quality food, convenient locations, and a variety of options.

Look to Dining Services for:

Questions about nutrition


Special diets

Mailboxes Mailbox assignments and combination information will be available on the Skidmore Post Office page in mid-August. Please be on the lookout for the exact date in the FYE newsletter.  

Students who need to ship packages to themselves for the fall semester should address packages as follows:
John E. Doe- Class of 2022
Mailbox Number
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

For all packages, please write your last name (in large, bold letters) on all four sides of the package. Packages will be available for pick up during Orientation.



Activity and Due Date Description

Health Forms (for Health Services)

Deadline: August 1

Health forms are mailed in May and the deadline for their return is August 1, 2018. Please be sure to schedule an appointment for a physical and/or immunizations to make the deadline.

 Deadline: August 1

Proof of Insurance (for Bursar's Office)

Deadline: August 1

All students attending Skidmore are required to have/provide proof of U.S.-based health insurance. The College offers a reasonably priced, primary student insurance plan. During the month of July, the Bursar's Office will provide information about the health insurance plan. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Bursar's Office at (518) 580-5830.

Completion of the online waiver/enrollment form is required by August 1st.

Health Education Courses

Deadline: Part I-August 1-August 31; Part II-October TBA

Each incoming student is required to take online health education courses. These courses must be completed by ALL incoming students. Instructions will be sent to your Skidmore email account in late July.  The course will open on August 1 and must be completed by August 31. 



Activity and Due Date Description
Skidmore Urgent Notification System

Skidmore's Department of Campus Safety offers staff and students the chance to receive text messages and e-mail notification in the event of an emergency via the Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS). Please be sure the phone listed in the system is the phone you’ll be carrying on campus. Check or update your information at

Campus Safety The Department of Campus Safety provides key links to information pertaining to emergency preparedness and a wide range of safety and security issues. Please add Campus Safety's phone number to your contacts (518) 580-5566.
Blue Light Phones Blue emergency lights are located all across campus. When activated, these phones connect you directly to Campus Safety.




Getting Involved

Group/Resource Description
Student Government The SGA strives to establish and maintain conditions of student life conducive to good scholarship, intelligent citizenship, benevolent service, and individual growth.
Clubs & Organizations Extra-curricular activities add value to your academic experience. Choose from nearly 130 student clubs and organizations.
Leadership Activities The Leadership Activities office enhances the educational experience at Skidmore through co-curricular opportunities and leadership development.
Community Service The Office of Community Service Programs coordinates volunteer and service-learning opportunities that help students become informed, responsible citizens.
Religious and Spiritual Life The Skidmore College Office of Religious and Spiritual Life provides opportunities for members of the Skidmore community; students, faculty and staff, to develop their religious and spiritual lives, which are an important part of the educational experience.



Topic Description
Buying Computers Skidmore has approximately 170 public computers available to students, 103 of which are located in Scribner Library. That being said, we find that many of our students bring a computer to campus. If you are planning on buying a computer, Skidmore students can take advantage of our purchasing relationships with Apple, Dell, and HP, who all offer small educational discounts. For more information click here
Network and Printing

Internet connectivity is available for students in each dorm room and throughout the campus. Also, the college does not charge students for printing at this time. Students will find printing available in most of the public computing areas.

Please note: Please do not bring a personal wireless access point as it will not work at Skidmore. Also, printing wirelessly is not permitted in the residence halls. If you are bringing a wireless printer to campus, please bring the appropriate USB cable to connect your wireless printer directly to your computer.

Help Desk The Skidmore IT Help Desk offers limited support for students. It is located on the first floor of Scribner Library and is open during normal library hours. Students can get help and instruction on a range of technologies. Formal training on a variety of software is available through our subscription to In addition, assistance with multimedia production is offered through our Media Services department


Dates and Deadlines

Deadline Activity
ASAP: Enroll in online tuition E-Bill and add/authorize all users who will need access to your billing statement. E-Bill
Upon receipt of IT letter or FYE packet (whichever you receive first based on ED I, EDII, or Regular Admissions)  Create Email 
Ongoing Vehicle Registration
Ongoing SUNS Registration
May 16 Academic Interest Form
May 16 Scribner Seminar Selection Form (Scribner Seminar Descriptions)
May 21 Expository Writing Directed Self-Placement
June  5 (new date) -July 13 Pre-Orientation Registration
June 4-15 Housing Questionnaire
June 1-22 Summer Advising
June 14 First month to enroll in installment payment plan (SCIP)
June 20 or 21 Registration
July 2 Dining Services Survey sent out via Skidmore email
July 1-August 15 ID Photo Submission
August 1 Health Forms 
July 23 Dining Services Survey DUE  
August 1 Health Insurance Forms (online enroll/waive form)
August 15 Fall semester bill due/last day to enroll in installment payment plan (SCIP) 
Mid August Interest in Music Lessons/Ensembles Form
Part I-August 1-31; Part II-October TBA (Course opens August 1 and must be completed by August 31) Health Education Course (instructions and links will be sent to your Skidmore email in late July)

August 30



Financial Aid and Bursar's Office (Billing) 

Deadline/Due Date Activity
ASAP Enroll in E-Bill and authorize all users who need access to your billing statement
June 15-Aug 15 SCIP -Monthly installment plan enrollment dates
August 1  Online enroll/waive insurance form must be completed
August 15  Fall semester bill due
September 5 TSP


Arrival Dates 

Arrival Date Group
Monday, August 20 - Wednesday, August 22 London Orientation
TBA Early Fall AthletesIncludes men’s soccer, women’s soccer, field hockey and volleyball.
(Men’s tennis, women’s tennis and golf  arrival TBA)  
Monday, August 27 - Thursday, August 30 (by invitation)
International Student Orientation
Thursday, August 30-Sunday, September 2 Pre-Orientation
Sunday, September 2-Friday, September 7 New Student Orientation 


Mailing and Email Dates

Month Mailings and Email to Expect

• Bursar's Office Information about Skidmore's payment plans (US Postal Service and online)

• Office of the First-Year Experience Packet (US Postal Service)

• Summer Reading (US Postal Service)


• Registration and Academic Advising (email)

  • Housing assignments (late July via email)
  • Health Insurance Enroll/Waive Information (online)
  • Tuition Insurance Information (online)
  • Work Study Information (email)

Post Office Boxes (online )