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New Student Advising & Registration Guide

New Student Advising & Registration Guide

Dear New Student,

All of us in the Office of Academic Advising, the Registrar’s Office, and the First-Year Experience welcome you to Skidmore College. In mid July, you will be contacted through your Skidmore email account by a member of Skidmore’s faculty or staff. The role of your summer advisor is to help you think about your academic goals, develop your understanding of Skidmore’s curriculum, and begin to explore courses that will best fit your needs. They will want to discuss your academic interests and they will be available to answer general questions about the curriculum. 

This New Student Advising and Registration Guide (NSARG) offers an introduction to the academic requirements and opportunities at Skidmore, including information about course selection and placement---please use the Navigation Menu (left or above) to review the NSARG. The Registrar’s website includes the master schedule of courses that are available to first-year students; more detailed information about courses and academic programs is contained in the Skidmore College Catalog (note that the Catalog also has information about courses that may be offered other semesters). 

You will find many people at Skidmore who are ready to help you during your time here.  Your faculty advisor, whom you will meet during orientation, can be especially important to you. The staff of the Office of Academic Advising, the Registrar’s Office, and the First-Year Experience are also available to help you and we look forward to talking with you.