An Evaluation of the Culture-Centered Inquiry component of the all-College Requirement

Reading Materials Related to a Proposed Revision to the Culture-Centered Inquiry Requirement

A richness of human perspectives is a necessary precondition for the “cognitive complexity” that can arise when issues are explored by a group that includes individuals with viewpoints informed by different experiences, cultural histories, and philosophies. However, that richness alone is not sufficient. The benefits are a product of the interactions among the individuals in settings where the diverse perspectives can be brought to bear on substantive issues of shared interest. For example, when students explore issues of diversity in the classroom, informed both by their own experiences, cultural histories and philosophies, and as well as by the careful study of the lives and perspectives of those different from themselves, they have the potential to transform their own thinking in meaningful and substantive ways.

Bearing this in mind, CEPP is evaluating the College’s Culture-Centered Inquiry requirement. A motion to revise that requirement in a fashion that broadens the focus of culture-centered inquiry (i.e., revising the courses that may satisfy the requirement) as well as make those discussions more substantive, intentional and obvious within the all-college curriculum is provided here. Documents that provide evidence to support and inform discussions of that proposed revision are also included.