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Biology Department

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Jennifer Bonner

Dr. Jennifer Bonner, Assistant Professor

321 Dana Science

(518) 580-5089

e-mail: jbonner

INTERESTS: development of nervous system, axon  guidance [more info]

Jason Breves

Dr. Jason Breves, Assistant Professor

345 Dana Science

(518) 580-5079

e-mail: jbreves

INTERESTS: Animal physiology, comparative endocrinology [more info]

Tracy Broderson

Tracy Broderson, Technical Assistant

HPAC Administrative Assistant

313 Dana Science

(518) 580-5087

e-mail: tbroders

Dr. Catherine Domozych

Dr. Catherine Domozych, Senior Teaching  Associate

323 Dana Science

(518) 580-5074

e-mail: cdomozyc

INTERESTS: phycology, evolution of charophytes to  land plants [more info

Dr. David Domozych

Dr. David Domozych, Professor and Director,  Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center

329B Dana Science

(518) 580-5075

e-mail: ddomoz

INTERESTS: algae, cell walls [more info

Dr. Abby Drake

Dr. Abby Drake, Visiting Assistant Professor

347 Dana Science

(518) 580-8086

e-mail: adrake

[more info

Dr. Corey Freeman-Gallant

Dr. Corey Freeman-Gallant, Professor and Associate Dean of the Faculty

Dean of Faculty's Office

Palamountain 416

(518) 580-5725

e-mail: cfreeman

INTERESTS: evolutionary and behavioral ecology, ornithology, [more info

Dr. Patricia Hilleren

Dr. Patricia Hilleren, Associate Professor and Chair

372A Dana Science

(518) 580-8301

e-mail: phillere

INTERESTS: eukaryotic gene expression

[more info

Colleen Kelly

Colleen Kelly, Administrative Assistant for Purchasing and Budgets

372B Dana Science

(518) 580-8365

e-mail: ckelly

Dr. Elaine Larsen

Dr. Elaine Larsen, Senior Teaching Associate

325 Dana Science

(518) 580-5072

e-mail: elarsen

INTERESTS: nutrition and immunology in health and  disease [more info]

Dr. Sylvia Franke McDevitt

Dr. Sylvia Franke McDevitt, Associate Professor

317 Dana Science

(518) 580-5076

e-mail: sfranke

INTERESTS: microbiology, metal homeostasis

[more info]

Denise McQuade

Denise McQuade, MS, Senior Teaching Associate

315 Dana Science

(518) 580-5077

e-mail: dmcquade

INTERESTS: neuroscience, animal behavior,  physiology [more info]

Dr. Joshua Ness

Dr. Joshua Ness, Associate Professor

319 Dana Science

(518) 580-5080

e-mail: jness

INTERESTS: biological invasions, plant-animal  interactions, community ecology [more info]

Dr. Bernard Possidente

Dr. Bernard Possidente, Professor

343 Dana Science

(518) 580-5082

e-mail: bposside

INTERESTS: genetics, biological clocks, biomedical  research models [more info]

Tracy Riley

Tracy Riley, Administrative Assistant

272 Dana Science

(518) 580-5120

e-mail: triley

Dr. Monica Raveret Richter

Dr. Monica Raveret Richter, Associate Professor

370 Dana Science

(518) 580-5083

e-mail: mrichter

INTERESTS: behavioral ecology, food choice,  ecology of food, social behavior [more info]

Kristin Salisbury

Kristin Salisbury, Animal Care Technician

313 Dana Science

(518) 580-5059

e-mail: ksalisbu

Erika Schielke Dr. Erika Schielke, Visiting Teaching Associate

329A Dana Science

(518) 580-8084

e-mail: eschielk

Dr. Patti Steinberger

Dr. Patti Steinberger, Teaching Associate

311 Dana Science

(518) 580-5081

e-mail: psteinbe

INTERESTS: general microbiology, microbial  physiology and biochemistry [more info

Li (Lily) Sun

Li (Lily) Sun, MS Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center Coordinator

382 Dana Science

(518) 580-5088

e-mail: lsun1