Office of Communications

Colors and Web Design

Skidmore has designated several Pantone colors for use with official college seals and wordmarks.

Official Skidmore colors for the wordmark

Skidmore Gold Metallic PMS 871 requires coated stock and special attention for best result
Skidmore green
PMS 3298
Skidmore yellow
PMS 109
Skidmore gold
PMS 871 metallic
These colors sometimes do not render well on various web browsers, provide difficulties with proper text/background contrast levels, or otherwise are unsuitable for web design. In addition, ADA Compliance requires that there be contrast between backgrounds and the text of a page, so what colors are available in which combinations is fairly limited.  

It should be noted that the General Web Design Standards do not recommend white text on a dark background.

Some colors currently in use on the Skidmore website include:

Color and use

Hex code

Grey table header row #bbb
Grey table content row #eee
Yellow table header row #f4ea9b
Yellow table content row #fffad1
Green table header row #d7dabc
Green table content row #f2f4e0


This policy is subject to change as new standards are deeemed necessary.  This version is based on the 2009 edition of the Graphic Standards manual, but contains more up-to-date information and thus shall be considered the official statement regarding web design standards.  If you have any questions, or wish to report an error, please contact the Web Development team of the Office of Communications.