Health Promotion

Peer Health Educators

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and the training course, HF-215, is offered every semester.




The mission of the Peer Health Education program is to promote healthy choices and lifestyles through educating and empowering the campus community on a variety of health related topics. Peer Health Educators serve as a resource, referral agent and role model for their peers. They are responsible for providing positive, interactive fun and non-judgmental programming and education aimed at providing their peers with information to make healthy, informed decisions regarding their health and wellbeing.


In order to work as a PHE at Skidmore, students need to first complete an in-depth training course (HF-215). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and the course is offered every semester.




The Peer Health Educators are highly trained student leaders who work under the direction of staff in the Office of Health Promotion. Students who are interested in joining the PHE program must submit an application to be considered for the 3-credit training course which is offered every semester (HF-215). Ongoing training is provided to students who have successfully completed HF-215 through a 1 credit course (HF-315).





Once trained, students have the opportunity to join one of our fabulous PHE committees. Each committee has a distinct set of goals and objectives and works creatively to achieve its mission. Committees include:



The Sophomore Year Experience – Residential PHE:


Students who successfully complete HF-215 during their first year at Skidmore will be pre-housed in a single room in one of our main residence halls on campus (students are involved in selecting their preferred residence hall). Residential PHE’s work with other hall leaders, including RA’s and Sustainability Reps, to deliver educational programming. In addition, they are available as accessible resources for students residing in their building.


Leadership Opportunities:


PHE’s who have successfully completed HF-215 and have worked for at least one semester in the PHE role are eligible to apply for one of our fantastic, paid, leadership positions. These include: