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History Department

New York State Education Department


Prerequisites: College Enrollment
Salary: Unpaid
Semester: open

"The New York State Education Department has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that the workforce of the Department is reflective of the rich and vastly diverse cultural mosaic that is embodied in the people of the State of New York. As such, the Academic Credit Student Intern Program was established to provide a diverse group of students with work assignments that include opportunities to participate in and contribute to the Department’s role in educational leadership at the State level in the areas of public policy and administration, as well as management and legal services. All internships are part-time when classes are in session, and are specifically designed to provide candidates with learning experiences that will allow them to earn academic credit* towards their degree program.

Steps for applying

  1. Please complete an application 
  2. Send a copy of your resume.
  3. Provide proof of academic enrollment such as a recent transcript, a statement from your school on school letterhead, or a document from the National Student Clearinghouse.
  4. Review the list of Current Assignments and choose your top three choices of assignment, then indicate your choices in your e-mail.
  5. E-mail the documents listed above and your top three assignment choices to Internships@mail.nysed.gov ."
- New York State Education Department

Room 528 EB, 89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY12234
United States
Phone: (518) 474-5215
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