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Skidmore College


A minor in history consists of 20 credits in history, including 9 credits at the 300 level.

Credits toward the minor: Courses successfully completed through Advanced Placement, courses completed at other accredited institutions, and course credit received in programs abroad may, with the permission of the chair, be counted toward history requirements. Of the work submitted for the major, interdepartmental majors, and the minor, the department requires that at least half be credits taught in the History Department and listed in the Skidmore catalog.

The department will accept an Advanced Placement exam score of 4 or 5 in either American, European, or World history to be treated as equivalent to one course (4 credits) toward the minor.

Effective Class of 2016:
Students studying abroad or at other institutions in the U.S. may transfer a maximum of one 300-level course per term of study and no more than two such courses in total.

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