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International Affairs Department

Introduction to IA


The requirements for the IA minor consist of at least six international affairs-designated courses, for a minimum of 18 credits, including one core course required as a common experience.  These courses must include the following:

  1. The core course, IA 101 - Introduction to International Affairs;

  2. One foreign language course (or equivalent) at the level of 206 or above;

  3. One international affairs course from three of the four knowledge clusters: "The Political World," "The Economic World," "The Cultural World," and/or "The Physical World." See International Affairs for course listings for each cluster;

  4. One 300-level international affairs course from any discipline;

  5. The six international affairs courses taken must include one course from at least three different disciplines, not including the IA core course and the foreign language course.

    Note: No more than two courses may overlap between the IA minor and the major.

See International Affairs