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Senior Capstones


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The requirements for the IA major consist of at least twelve International Affairs-designated course requirements, for a minimum of 30 credits. (Note: IA majors must also complete an approved second major, minor, or regional concentration, for a minimum of 18 credits.) IA courses must include the following:

     1.  The core course, IA 101 - Introduction to International Affairs ;

     2.  One foundation course from three of the four clusters: "The Political World" (GO 103 or HI 223), "The Economic World" (EC 103 or EC 104), "The Cultural World" (AN 101 or GO 241), or "The Physical World" (ES 100 or ES 105);

     3.  One international affairs course from each of the four clusters: "The Political World," "The Economic World," "The Cultural World," and "The Physical World."  See International Affairs for course listings for each cluster;

     4a. One foreign language course (or equivalent) at the level of 206 or above;

     4b. One credit hour of a Language Across the Curriculum (LAC) course in the foreign language;

     5.  One semester of study abroad, or in exceptional circumstances, an alternative experience approved by the Director;

     6.  IA 351 - Special Topics in International Affairs;

     7.  IA 376 - Senior Seminar;

     8.  The twelve international affairs courses taken must include one course from at least four different disciplines outside the approved minor, major, or regional concentration (in addition to the core IA 101 course);

     9.  No more than three courses may overlap between the IA major and the approved major. Only two courses may overlap between the IA major and the approved minor or regional concentration;

     10.  In addition to IA 351 and IA 376 , at least two other courses must be at the 300 level.


Regional Concentration

A Regional Concentration is intended to offer students the opportunity to supplement their IA major with in-depth knowledge in a designated geographic area of the world. The requirements for a Regional Concentration consist of a program approved by the Director, IA Program, including at least six courses totaling a minimum of 18 credit hours in a specific geographic region of the world that is not separately offered through other Skidmore programs, such as the Asian Studies (AS) or Latin American Studies (LAS) Programs. Examples would be a Regional Concentration in Africa, the Middle East, or Europe. The six courses should all be focused on the specified region, include an approved "Core/Foundation Course" in the region, and include at least one 300-level course. Preferably, the language in the IA major would be a language used in the Regional Concentration. No more than two courses may overlap between the IA major and the Regional Concentration.

Writing Requirement in the Major

The development of excellent written communication skills is an essential component of the IA curriculum and the learning process in general. IA students must demonstrate their ability to think critically and write clearly. Students will fulfill the Skidmore writing requirement in the IA major through successful completion of IA 101 and the Capstone experience (either IA 375 and the capstone course or IA 376).  Other coursework in the political, cultural, economic, and physical world clusters that incorporate considerable written work will further the development of their writing skills.


See International Affairs.