John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative
John B. Moore Documentary Studies Collaborative


Review: Spring 2017 Middle East Film Series

Jill Moossman, '18, reviews the four Middle Eastern films screened to showcase a different perspective on the region in spring 2017.

Director's Note April 2017

MDOCS wraps up its third year and looks forward to Academic Festival on May 3, the Storytellers' Institute in June, and beyond.

Docs on Campus: Spring '17 Documentary Films Reviewed

In Spring 2017, Skidmore hosted a Middle Eastern Film series that drew attention to unexpected stories, a film that asked viewers to consider what a "Buddhist documentary" was, a community history of the Great Migration and Rapp Road in Albany. Students respond.

Alumni Spotlight: Film Producer Teddy Kunhardt

Skidmore Alum Teddy Kunhardt returned to his alma mater on March 6th to screen "Becoming Warren Buffet," a production of HBO and Kunhardt Films. Graduating from Skidmore College as an art major, learn how this film producer got to where he is today.

Another Albany: Rapp Road Residents document the Great Migration

Amber Wiley (American Studies) hosted community members, storytellers from Rapp Road, an Albany community born from the Great Migration. After screening Tod Ferguson's film, she led a lively discussion of space, place, faith, and family leaders of the community.

Encuentros: Students Add Latinx Stories to Memory Project

Students in Kate Paarlberg-Kvam's class on Latinidades interviewed Latinx students, professionals and homemakers, adding stories of migration, education, family life, and language bias (among others) to the Skidmore-Saratoga Memory Project.

Community and Radio class visits Wave Farm

What's in a wave? Students in Adam Tinkle's Community and Radio class visited Acra, New York's Wave Farm and get a front-row seat to the spatial nature of radio broadcasting.

Doc in Saratoga: Derek Hallquist's Denial

Julia Cavicchi, '18, explores Saratoga Springs with documentary filmmaker Derek Hallquist. In her podcast, he discusses his new feature-length film, Denial, which explores climate change and life transitions.

Mapping as Storytelling: new course takes project-oriented approach

Over seven weeks, students in Prof. Tom Hart's Mapping as storytelling class dug deep to learn to present data spatially, then applied their skills to a local story: presenting Skidmore's geothermal projects.
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