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First-Year Experience in London

Especially for Parents

Your son or daughter has been offered the opportunity to participate in Skidmore's First-Year Experience in London during the fall semester before joining other members of the first-year class in Saratoga Springs for the spring semester. This exciting introduction to college life in an international setting will be guided by two Skidmore faculty directors in London and by the faculty and staff of the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES). Here are some ways we believe parents can best help prospective students decide whether to engage in this educational adventure:

teatimeIf your son or daughter does decide to join our London Program—as we hope he/she will—please ask him/her to share with you all the information we provide. Please help us to emphasize that tolerance and flexibility are keys to a successful venture abroad. Students will encounter a multitude of fascinating differences while overseas and will want to explore these differences with an open mind. The British way of life, attitudes, aspirations, and values are worth close consideration; the place, the people, and their rich heritage are sure to inspire interest. 

Academically, the students we have selected will find themselves well prepared for the rigors of the program. First-year students will receive the advice and counsel of Skidmore faculty directors who will each teach a Scribner Seminar and who will arrange a variety of social and cultural events and excursions for students. Students can also seek advice and support from IES Student Services and academic staff.

motherYou can help your son or daughter prepare for this incredible experience in a number of ways: encourage responsible independence during the next several months, read all program materials, and, on a practical note, encourage them to save money for all the special experiences (including travel) London and Europe have to offer. We suggest that parents and students discuss budget and financial matters early on. Typically, students spend approximately $2,000 - $3,000 on personal expenses during their semester in London; this total includes a moderate level of travel. In addition, everyday purchases in London will come at a higher price than we expect at home. Students should expect to pay at least twice the U.S. price for such discretionary purchases as restaurant food, coffee, and toiletries.

We look forward to meeting you and your family!

Questions regarding the London FYE program details, orientation or arrival day should be directed to Kendra Nelson, London FYE Program Manager in Skidmore's office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges, at or +1-518-580-5355.

Questions regarding the admissions process should be directed to Ariana Vacs Renwick, Assistant Director of Admissions, at or +1-518-580-5570.