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Skidmore Retirees

Keeping in Touch

There are many easy ways you can keep in touch with what's happening at Skidmore and with what's happening with other retirees.


Register your current email address by clicking on the button on the Retiree Home Page; catch up with what's going on each week by reading the online Scope Weekly; or touch base with the Retiree Initiative Group.


On a more personal level, keep up with other retirees through the "People" links. You can use the Retiree and the Faculty/Staff directories -to find contact information, using your Skidmore user name for authentication, or you can read about the latest news from those who have sent us updates. Please feel free to share your own message or add a picture to the photo gallery. Just click on the "Submit Items to the Website" button at the top of the Retiree Home Page. The In Memoriam link will give you more recent obituary information while the Archive information is accessible from the left hand menu item on the Retiree Home Page.


Event listings and important announcements sponsored by the Retiree Initiative Group are displayed on the right hand side of the Retiree Home Page. You can sign up for one of these events by clicking on the button below the listing.

You can also check out the entire list of Skidmore Events by clicking on the following links: