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Fall 2000

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Rebecca Freedman
1301 Twentieth St. NW, #117
Washington, DC 20036

When accepting the position of class secretary, I had a small idea about the place of alumni in the Skidmore community. But now I am bowled over by how supportive and influential they are. At graduation time, I got the names of several alumni career advisors in the Washington, DC, area and began e-mailing them. Within hours, every single person that I e-mailed wrote back! Thanks to their help, I now have a great apartment and a job with Hogan and Hartson, the largest law firm in DC. No wonder every one of the nine places where I interviewed raved about Skidmore!

Heather Rosefsky lives in Bethesda, MD, and works for PeopleSoft. Her job is to learn which of her company’s software products customers particularly like, pass that on to the company, and promote these products to the public. “I am still in training,” she writes, “but I am enjoying myself very much.” She has traveled to the corporate offices in California and to Colorado for meetings. She is pleased to be living just 15 minutes from DC.


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