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Fall 2002

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Judy Burke ’99 will participate in the Los Angeles Avon 3 Day walk in October to raise money for breast cancer research.

Colleen Fogarty ’99 accepted a position with City Lights School, a special education program of academics and vocational training for high-risk teenagers.

Penny McMullen ’98 has published two articles based on papers she wrote for her MALS program: “The Gifted Side of Autism” was published in Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities (winter, 2000); “Living with Sensory Dysfunction in Autism” appeared in the book Autism, a Sensorimotor Approach to Management (Aspen Publications, 2001). In addition, she has given a pair of presentations at the New Mexico Autism Conference—one on sensory issues in autism and one chronicling her own journey in using art therapy to help cope with the emotions and experiences of being autistic. She also serves on the boards of the New Mexico Autism Society and the Center for Developmental Disabilities Resource Center.

Webster Tarpley ’99 finished the course work for his Ph.D. program in history at Catholic University of America, and is working on his dissertation this fall. He teaches a course on the history of world civilizations from the paleolithic to the present.

Charles Bens ’97 completed three books in 2001: Healthy at Work: Your Pocket Guide to Good Health; Electing Better Politicians: A Citizen’s Guide; and Measuring Up: A Tool Kit for Local Governments. His writing has also appeared in the National Civic Review and Municipal World Magazine. Last year Charles started a new wellness consulting business to assist clients’ employees in becoming healthier and to reduce client health-care costs.


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