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Marcia Mattson Todd

I must thank Hadley Sillick Robertson and Rosemary Bourne: while making phone calls, they collected news for Scope.

Carol Siccardi Roberts’s letter about the USA Artists Show or an Elderhostel trip generated many responses; Carol and Hadley will proceed with any future plans. Carol would also love to have classmates accompany her on a trip to Morocco she’s planning for next fall.

Nelle Nugent and her family have been traveling this year, beginning with an extended trip to Antarctica during the Christmas holidays. They boarded their expedition boat at the Pacific mouth of the Straits of Magellan. From there they traveled through the Straits, around Cape Horn, through Drake’s Passage, past the Antarctic Circle, stopping at Elephant Island and then on to the Falklands. “Never have I done anything so thrilling,” Nelle writes, “It was remote, rugged, desolate, and spectacular—and the wildlife was so accessible.” Nelle’s most recent film, After the Storm, has won best feature at three film festivals. She is currently producing The Smell of the Kill, first staged in Stockbridge, MA, and then, Nelle hopes, in New York City.

Barby Morse Townsend and her husband are really enjoying semi-retirement on Skidaway Island in Savannah, GA. They love the weather and diversity of people in the multigenerational community. Barby keeps busy with volunteer and church activities, golf, working out at a fitness center, sewing, knitting, and dabbling in water colors. They have four grandchildren and feel “truly blessed.”

Sailing on their 43-foot Bristol named Ariel is a passion for Barbara Sutcliffe Dusseault and her husband, Bob. They have traveled the Intracoastal Waterway from Cape Cod to Florida. On their first trip south they visited with Skidmore roommates Jane Christie MacVicar at a marina in New Jersey and Ruth Crist Cawein at a marina near Longboat Key, FL. Ruth and husband Charlie planned to return the favor this summer by linking up with the Dusseaults on Cape Cod.

Retiring after many years of teaching young children, Jane Christie MacVicar and partner John married and built a retirement home on the New Jersey shore.

Lynn Lamont Beckmann also retired last year and, at husband Bob’s urging, spent the winter in West Palm Beach, FL, playing golf. Their son and daughter-in-law recently adopted a 2-year-old boy from Russia.

With an empty nest, Astrid Kradjian Dadourian and her husband have moved into an apartment in NYC while looking for a co-op. Astrid works for a literary journal at Rutgers University and hopes to do more of her own writing. They have three grandchildren.

Sue Penney Lindenbaum recently formed a group called “Protirement” that helps to “re-inspire people approaching retirement, teaching them to take a proactive role in planning the third quarter of their lives.” Sue’s daughter, Lisa, graduates from Colgate this year and plans to move to NYC. Sue reports that Bonnie Brooks does a great deal of “exotic” traveling to such places as India and China. Bonnie is also keenly interested in gardening and land preservation.

Toni Levin Smith traveled to Italy in June to attend a cooking school with Lois Blum Reitzas’s freshman roommate, Barbara Tenenbaum Hacken.

Sandy Schaefer Shultz is back in Honduras working with children in need of orthopedic surgery to enable them to walk again.

Ruby Puryear Hearn and her husband vacationed this past winter with their daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter at a New England ski resort. Over the years, Martha’s Vineyard has become a favorite haunt for them, both in and off season.

The home of Sandy Fucci Smith in Los Altos Hills, CA, is visited from time to time by a psychic who advises family and friends, and also by a healer from Colorado. Sandy has been gathering information for her next book, which will explore alternative medicine from a nurse’s point of view.

Pat Bowers Garrett retired nine years ago, but her husband continues to work for United Airlines. Pat does volunteer development work for a local hospice. She has befriended all the dogs in her neighborhood by handing out treats as she takes her morning walks.

Sandy Patrick Speno and her husband visited their new grandson, Maximiliano, in Madrid and then spent eight weeks touring Spain and Portugal. When home on Kiawah Island, SC, Sandy is a volunteer for Guardian Ad Litem, an organization that investigates social welfare cases involving children and represents them in court.

Elaine Bresnahan Ironfield retired from Mt. Holyoke only to find herself deeply involved in consulting work for community colleges across the nation. She is busier than ever and doing a great deal of traveling.

Linda Stevens Lucas’s daughter, who is a goldsmith working in London, won a DeBeer award for one of her pieces. Mother and daughter enjoy traveling together and are planning a cruise to Scandinavia and Russia.

Betsey Dawes Dale gets together with Mari True McBurney, Sally Hitz Volkert, Leslie Knight Abbott, and others from their New Trier High School class. Their last gathering was in Savannah, GA.

Connie Taylor Patterson is a grandmother of eight, travels a great deal with her husband and friends, and volunteers at the Art Institute of Chicago with any time that she has left.

Art major Sandy Blair Ohanian, who went back to school 15 years ago to study computer science, has been a systems coordinator for the University of Florida Foundation ever since. Nothing like a career change!

Ann Davison McDonough and her husband are both retired and spend the summer at their home near York, ME. Ann is recovering from hip surgery. She has two grandchildren.

After working 70 hours a week, Mary Winters Cooper decided to retire and is now doing volunteer work as a health care representative for a Florida state senator from the Naples area. One of her current projects is building a clinic for the uninsured poor.

Toddy Simms Savage has been a widow for nine years, is retired, plays lots of competitive tennis, and travels whenever anyone says, “Let’s go !”

Cindy Goss Triplett has joined a century-old women’s club. During the long Maine winters, the members, from 30 to 70 years old, divide into groups and put on plays for each other, followed by a party after each performance. Cindy is working in the chemical dependency unit of a psychiatric hospital, having worked in the adolescent unit last year.

Marty Miller Spencer is a member of the Vermont Reparative Probation Board, working with the state’s Department of Corrections. The board consists of citizen volunteers who work with nonviolent offenders, affording them the opportunity to apologize to their victims and to make amends to their community by assigning them to community service projects. Marty is very impressed by the positive results of this program. Last winter, Marty and her husband, Dave, visited Tucson, AZ, where they had dinner with Sue Smith and Betsey Chatfield Rider and their husbands. Sue lives in Tucson and Betsey vacations there for two months.

Betsey Chatfield Rider has been traveling to visit children. Her son lives in Key West, FL, a great place to visit. Her daughter, who was working in Munich, necessitated a trip to Germany and Austria. Now that her daughter is working in Paris, a trip to France in September is being planned.

Gay Belknap Nelson and her husband are enjoying traveling in their motor home. Last year they toured Canada, and they were planning to hit the Lewis and Clark Trail this summer. Their daughter is a social worker near Charleston, SC.

Elie McConihe Pisarra is doing lighting work for a children’s theater near Washington, DC.

With the aid of physical therapy, Pat Boyes Demonet is recovering well from a stroke that she suffered last December. Even surgery in January, unrelated to the stroke, has not kept her from making remarkable progress. Keep it up, Pat!

Eleanor Schmidt Schweigaard-Olsen and June Martin Curtiss attended a lecture by retired Skidmore art historian James Kettlewell during a tour of the National Arts Council in NYC. They found him to be as refreshing and enthusiastic as ever. Eleanor spoke with Sue Laird Robinson, who has just moved to Sarasota, FL. Although Eleanor’s phone call interrupted the installation of the Robinson’s wine cellar, she and Sue had a great chat.

Colette Houle Palermo travels as often as possible. She enjoyed a most interesting trip to French Polynesia and then stopped in California to visit her three grandchildren.

Last spring, Doug and I spent a delightful day with Ellie Davies Bowden and her husband, Bob, at the Maine Boatbuilders Boat Show in Portland, ME. Their daughter, Molly, is to be married in September, so Ellie is very busy planning a “down East” wedding.

Corrections from the spring issue: Lenore Cleminshaw Lekki was listed as a Sarasota, FL, resident. She actually resides in Ossipee, NH, and visits Sarasota in the winter. And ’60 alumna Judy White was listed incorrectly as Judy Lewis White, a member of the class of ’61. Scope regrets the errors.


Sandy Weisman Sheppard

Linda Brafman Berke has been promoted to director of admissions for the University of Arizona College of Medicine and reports that she “loves her job.” Linda also volunteers as a Skidmore class agent.

Sarah Leonard Krepp is retiring as professor at the University of Illinois School of Art and Design in Urbana. She will retreat to her studio and home in Evanston, where she plans to be “100 percent of the time, at last! ”


Emily Jansen Kane

Robin Andrews Cohan claims that “being 60 isn’t so bad” when you get to spend five months in Sanibel, FL, and seven months in Minneapolis, MN.

Nancy Smith Bushnell combined birthday celebrations with her husband, marking 120 combined years by hosting 120 friends and relatives, including three of the couple’s children. Earlier in the year, Nancy performed with a Gilbert and Sullivan group in NYC, a group she initially joined in 1963 with the late Gay Clark Stoddard.

Sara Lee Lubin Schupf had an extended celebration of her 60th birthday. A party in a bakery was attended by 24 family members, including children, grandparents, and a sister-in-law. Another party, this one a total surprise to Sara, was thrown at the St. Regis Hotel by her husband. The celebration continued with a family trip to Jamaica, which included Sara’s 13 grandchildren and 92-year-old mother. Festivities were capped with a sojourn to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires with grade school friends from Chicago, including Cathy Maxwell Cora.

Mollie Klee Heron also experienced a marathon of a 60th birthday. Her sister from California made a surprise appearance, her Japanese-American quilt group held a birthday luncheon, and a dinner was held at Mollie’s favorite Japanese restaurant in Lexington, KY. Finally at a bash for family and friends, husband Bill presented old pictures of her, including several from Skidmore days, which he had enlarged.

Constance Lashar Dick is now in Vermont, where she provides music and recreational therapy for senior citizens with Alzheimer’s. She has 10 grandchildren, ranging from pre-school to college age.

Nancy-Jean Ballard Seigel lives in Bethesda, MD, 12 minutes from her first grandchild. She is currently working on a book about her grandmother, Helen Hartness Flanders, who was a collector of New England folk songs.

Carol Copeland Schmidhauser had bilateral knee replacement in September and then proceeded to give the new model a true test by taking a cruise to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Santiago, Chile.

Sandy Katz Neiman and husband Richard retired last December and moved from Indianapolis, IN, to Harpswell, ME. They are now much closer to their two grandchildren, who live in Boston. This past winter they spent time in Sanibel, FL.


Jane Snowdon Jones

Jan Silverman Rifkin, who moved from McLean, VA, last year, is delighted with her new ocean-side home in Carlsbad, CA. Jan and her family members “feel as if we are on a never-ending vacation.” She would like to contact Judy Shear Morgenstern.

Willa Zens Marten is director of the Point Arena City Art Center in Point Arena, CO. She held a one-woman show at the Mendocino Art Center in May.


Bonnie Allen Shertenlieb

Frederica Russ Jones’s oldest son was married last June, and her youngest is a sophomore at Wheaton College in Illinois. She and husband Brian live in Vermont, where they took up cross-country skiing this winter.

Peggy Mitchell Bliss is working on another degree, this one from the University of Wisconsin online. She has five grandchildren, ranging in age from 7 years to 6 weeks, and loves to knit sweaters for them.

Carolyn Vaughn Mitchell’s daughter Elizabeth Mitchell ’01 graduated in May from Skidmore.

Linda Hellmich Brink and husband Clark have been busy globe-trotting in Turkey, Greece, and Italy. In addition to taking an “April-in-Paris” trip, the couple has been renovating their Sarasota, FL, home between trips to Napa Valley, Las Vegas, and the Bahamas. Linda says that she has “finally joined the grandmother’s club in her own right.” Although grandson John is now 2 years old, Linda has had plenty of prior practice with Clark’s six grandchildren. She and Clark recently visited Ginny Rasmussen Leone and husband Michael at their home in Greenville, NC. They also saw Judy Pick Eissner and husband Bruce at their spectacularnew home in Marblehead, MA.

Abigail Arnt Rueb and her husband live northwest of Seattle on Orcas Island, where she works at a nonprofit children’s camp called Four Winds Westward Ho. She and her husband raised two children on the island. Their son will be a senior at the University of Montana, where Abigail taught “1,000 years ago.” Their daughter, graduating from Wasatch Academy, is embroiled in deciding which college to attend. Although occupied with her work during the summer, Abby would love to see friends during the spring and fall.

Jane Denaburg Leavey is founding director of the William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta, GA. The museum consists of two core galleries, one devoted to the Atlanta Jewish experience and the other to the Holocaust. Jane’s husband, Bob, left computer consulting and now works in the wholesale wine business. The couple has three sons: David and wife Anna are both architects in St Louis, MO; Jonathan, known as Jono, is an entrepreneur living in NYC; and Michael is finishing his first year of law school at the University of Georgia. Jane tells of a pretty young researcher named Caroline who used the museum’s archives for more than a year before she realized that Caroline is the daughter of Sandy Berlin Light, who was Jane’s Skidmore roommate!

Val Burkhardt Marier and husband Bob enjoy their winter home on the east coast of Florida, near Stuart, where they occasionally get together with Sissy Beadel Danforth ’62, who winters nearby in Jupiter. The Mariers return to their summer home in Kennebunkport, ME, in May. They have already scheduled trips to Italy, Scotland, and France before son Chris’s wedding in Maine this September.

Jackie Savoie Medina and husband Jeremy have been happily (and busily) married for 35 years. Jeremy is a professor of Spanish at Hamilton College, where Jackie has been visual resources curator for 23 years. Every fourth year, the couple relocates to Leon, Spain, where Jeremy directs Hamilton’s Summer Institute of Hispanic Studies. Jackie urges anyone planning to visit Madrid to contact her, as she “can head you in the right direction.” During the summers they are not in Spain, the Medinas can be found in Westhampton, Long Island. Like most of us, they are empty-nesters; all three daughters are out of college and grad school and launched on great careers. Thanks to two of her daughters, Jackie can now add “grandma” to her roster of titles.

Carol Krentzman Ginsburg’s position as managing director of Deutsche Bank’s business information services keeps her hopping to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and London. She is also president of the Brotherhood Synagogue in Gramercy Park, NYC. In June, Carol was headed to San Antonio, TX, to accept the Factiva Leadership Award from the Special Libraries Association.

Linda Smith Thurston has joined her husband, Dave, in active retirement. After years of serving as fitness director for MediFit Corporate Services in two New Jersey sites (Linda) and working for AT&T (Dave), they have “downsized” to a townhouse in Doylestown, PA, where Linda continues to teach fitness and both are free to travel. She looks forward to seeing some ’64ers in Philadelphia.

Nancy Selib Brown is research coordinator for the Youth Advocacy and Tobacco Prevention Project in Minneapolis, MN, helping youngsters to take leadership roles in reducing or preventing tobacco use. Son Steve lives in San Francisco and daughter Susie lives nearby.

Sue Wilkinson Hunter and husband Dave are trying to decide where to retire. Both Massachusetts natives, they have lived in Minnesota, Illinois, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. Daughter Allison,taking the bar exam this summer, resides in Chicago. Sue and Dave also have family in Florida, New Hampshire, and California. With several years before they have to decide, Sue and Dave are polishing up their golf and bridge skills.

Melinda Mitchell Lyon, who was director of development for the University of Chicago’s western office in Los Angeles, is now looking for a new career. She is delighted that son Chris attended summer school at Skidmore! Melinda often sees Linda Hamm Adams and Lucille Rhodes.

Watch for an exhibition of “The Shekkinah Scrolls” in the Westwood Gallery in NYC in November. It will mark the opening of Tina Matkovic Spiro’s traveling exhibition. Tina, who lives in Miami, is a writer and independent curator of Caribbean art. Son Ben ’94 works in the stock market. Daughter Jasmine is also living and working in NYC.

Attorney Susan Steiger Dondershine and her husband Harry spent seven months in Rome. While there, Susan, who enjoys research privileges at the Vatican Art Collection and academic libraries, indulged her love of classical art and literature. A highlight of the sabbatical was attending the Greek National Theatre’s performance of Sophocles’s Oedipus Rex at the Roman Coliseum.

A triumphant Phyllis Hansen Nemeth graduated from law school on May 12. Phyllis’s entire family attended her graduation. She plans to practice criminal law.

In June, Carol Russo Loscalzo opened a private practice specializing in treating survivors of sexual assault and trauma. She formerly worked as a supervisor at a family services agency. Carol’s niece, Maris Prichett ’02, is a member of Skidmore’s crew. Carol and husband Frank have a daughter, Karen, who lives in NYC, and a son, Rob, who resides in Richmond, VA.

Nancy Gardiner Milstein lives in NYC with husband David, a doctor of nuclear medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Nancy earned an M.S.Ed. from Bank Street College of Education and a master’s in educational computing from Columbia Teacher’s College. She has run a computer consulting and training business for the past 10 years. Son Robert, 34, is marketing director at Globex Inc., a company that provides Internet services to businesses; Daniel, 31, is global director of customer service at Globex; Mark, 26, graduated from Albert Einstein med school in June.

Diana Lewis Beattie has abandoned a 25-year career in fundraising and events planning to pursue interior design. Diana, who lives half the year in NYC and the other half in Montana, is particularly focused on traditional design elements of the American West. Diana’s renovated 1890s Montana home was featured in Weekend Homes, a design book by Penelope Rowlands. Diana and her husband have two grown daughters, both attorneys in NYC, and four “adorable” grandchildren.

Artist Stephanie Rose and her husband, painter Randall Schmit, were awarded a travel grant last year to take part in a diplomatic cultural mission to Istanbul, Turkey, where they lectured and held solo exhibitions that drew international press. Stephanie’s most recent commission, three stained-glass windows originally for the entrance hall to the Beverly Hotel in NYC, is now part of Skidmore’s permanent collection at the Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery. She is currently designing sets and costumes for a Broadway production and writing and illustrating a book. Daughter Elizabeth, who earned her M.F.A. at the Tisch School of the Arts, is a filmmaker in NYC. Grandson Maximillian, says Stephanie, is “fabulous.”

Sarah Coulter Danner is a midwife and pediatric nurse practitioner at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. She lives near the reservation in Hot Springs with the youngest of her four sons, Neil, who will enter ninth grade this fall. Son Brian ’02 is at Skidmore, Andrew is an outdoor educator in Minneapolis, and Eric lives in Boston. Sarah stays in touch with good friend Joyce Benedict Ricker ’69, a resident of Concord, MA.

Debbie Leedom McGeorge and her husband, Doug, finished building a house in a resort community north of Tucson, AZ, this year. Newly retired from teaching first grade, Debbie writes, “We’re enjoying every minute: the awesome mountain views, the spectacular sunsets, golf, swimming, and hiking.”

Since retiring for the second time about two years ago, Elsie Raymond Maddaus has been doing a lot of volunteering at the Schenectady County public library, a Baptist nursing home, and her church. She also fills in as substitute librarian as needed.


Toby Weisberg Rubenstein

Marge Orton Hanselman, who retired early from the oil business, recently attended the wedding of her daughter, Erika. Son Dana, who received an M.S. from the University of Alaska, is pursuing a Ph.D. in fisheries-statistics. Marge and her husband spend six months a year in the north woods of Wisconsin, where they have several cottages and enjoy canoeing on the Lewis and Clark waterway trail.

Kathie Aberman’s son, Lucas, who has cystic fibrosis, attended the Skidmore Junior Admissions Workshop this spring to learn about the college application process. Daughter Benita signed up for Skidmore’s Life Science Institute for girls this summer. Kathie teaches remedial reading to high school students, which she finds challenging and gratifying. She also does fundraising for cystic fibrosis foundations. She saw Sallie Baldwin at her home in Agawam. Sallie asks that old friends contact her at johnb@catskill.net. Finally, she reports that she is separating from her husband, who will remain nearby for their children.

Penny Thompson Jones visited Carole Walter Maeder in Cape Coral, FL, and they had lunch with Naples resident Judy Argento Quest. Penny, who earned a master’s degree in child psychology in June, hopes to find a part-time job so she can still play golf. Judy has retired from teaching English and taken up drawing. Jack and Judy spend a lot of time on their new boat.

Husband Harvey and I spent two weeks in Australia: in Melbourne, Sydney, and the Blue Mountains National Park and Hunter Valley, where I shot 32 rolls of film. Our son, Steve, wed Tricia Kleparek this spring. Present at the nuptials were my daughter, Lynne, and her husband Peter and my sister, Carol Weisberg ’69. I am enjoying my new position as a supervisor in Workers’ Compensation Programs for federal employees, commuting into DC daily by Amtrak from my home in Delaware.


Ann LoDolce

Barbara Ankele Kinney is an adjunct faculty member at Marymount University, where she teaches career counseling to master’s students. Barbara also has a private counseling practice. She lives in Arlington, VA, with daughter Rachel, an eighth grader. Son David is a freshman at Tulane.

A second daughter of Stella Fine Pence has joined the Skidmore alumni body: Lara Pence ’01 graduated in May; she joins sister Anasazi ’98.

After teaching at the Maimonedes School in Brookline, MA, for 15 years, Susan Cobb Bradford has accepted the position of assistant principal there.


Elizabeth Maccracken Winn

Bryn Peters Madden, Sandy Colony, and Mary Whitaker Taber flew to Denver in January for Betsy Boschen Lutz’s daughter’s wedding. They stayed with Nancy Apthorp Paterson. They are all former roommates from post-Skidmore days in Boston.

Sandy Colony moved to Washington, DC, from NYC two years ago. For the past five years, she has worked in the Internet service industry, initially with a startup that provides high-speed Internet over cable and now with another, satellite-based provider. Son Christopher is a student of Buddhism at a Tibetan monastery in southern India. Sandy has traveled to Tibet and India to visit him.

Mary Taber loves her work as a part-time social worker for a foundation in Westborough, MA. She is also enjoying this stage of her life with travel, Audubon trips, American Sign Language classes, a Reiki course, tennis, singing, and going to the theater and symphony. Her son, Benji, works for an uncle in Phoenix; daughter Sarah is a massage therapist in Charleston, SC, and daughter Emily is finishing her senior year in high school with courses at a community college.

Nancy Apthorp Paterson teaches fourth grade in a Denver area school district. She and Doug have two sons: Ryan ’01 at Denison University in Granville, OH, and Brad ’03 at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.

Lorraine Rorke Bader is also a fourth-grade teacher. She serves on the stewardship committee of her church and on the parent committee at University High School. Her daughter is attending UC-Berkeley.

My husband and I are learning to parent “from afar.” Last year, son Scott graduated with a major in outdoor experiential education from Prescott College in AZ. He lives in Kalispell, MT, working at a residential addictions treatment program where he instructs adolescent boys and leads them on 21-day wilderness expeditions. Daughter Sarah completed her master’s and is an elementary teacher at Richmond Montessori school.


Molly Meyer

Niki Holbrook Sabbath has started a new career as a floral designer; now working part time, she is enjoying the change from a career in public education. She stays busy playing the piano, taking a Bible course, and serving as president of an investment club. Her husband is a lobbyist and her two daughters are in school.

Katy Kramer left the education business after earning a master’s degree in journalism at Northwestern last year.

Three years ago, Vicki Shackleton Roos decided to reunite members of the old “Court Street group,” some of whom hadn’t seen each other in 25 years. Vicki invited Anne Kantor Lynn, Jean Znaniecki Smith, Sue Sobel Kaufman, Ricki Sonabend Fredericks, and Barbara Allen Nearpass to gather in Cape May, NJ, at Vicki’s huge, old Victorian summer house to talk. The gathering has become an annual event. The group is looking for Bunny Peters Dana; if anyone has information, please e-mail Anne at Aklynnl@aol.com

Debby Davis Cromwell is still working in the Hanover, NH, school district, coordinating volunteers. She is singing in the Handel Society Chorus and working on art outreach programs for schoolchildren.

After a 12-year courtship, Lorna Miller Ahrens and Richard were married in April 2000. Lorna continues her work at the Diabetes Center in Orlando. Son Philip attends Wharton and daughter Deidre is enrolled at Yale Divinity School.

Dick and Foxie Henn Mason went to Australia last December and then spent Christmas in Hawaii. Foxie’s niece is applying to Skidmore, her first choice.

Martha MacDonald Price stepped down as dean of early childhood education at SUNY-Cobleskill to be a faculty member again, but discovered that New York State offers a retirement package too good to turn down! Martha still finds lots to keep her busy, usually involving husband John and their four children.

Cindy Kingsbury Wollaeger and Tim travel a lot, visiting far flung children and family members. Living in LaJolla, CA, Cindy serves as a bike-riding docent to school groups visiting Torrey Pines State Reserve. She also raises funds for the Birch Aquarium and other projects.

Ginny Murrell Morand is busy in South Carolina with family, travel, and work.

Carol Feiker Wetherbee is semi-retired, working per diem as a consultant at Brooklyn Hospital Home Care. Carol and two friends have started a care management agency for private-pay clients called the Golden Group Inc. Carol’s two sons work and live in NYC.

Linda Rhoads Adams’s son Raym and his girlfriend rode a tandem bike across the country, completing the trip in less than two months. Linda and husband Ray met up with them for a few days in Breckenridge, CO. Linda also traveled to Japan, where daughter Megan was studying for a semester.


Elizabeth Mckinley Loomis

Gloria Martin-Pressman’s son, Roger ’02, is spending a semester at the University of Otago, New Zealand. Gloria and her husband joined him in Australia for some scuba diving. Gloria has a new job as the adult basic and GED coordinator for Montgomery County, MD, public schools.

Dale Eddolls Goodyear reports that one of the llamas on her Pennsylvania farm, Berry Acres, gave birth during a visit by the film crew for the Animal Planet television show. “Talk about timing!” exclaims Dale. She welcomes visits from classmates.

After years in and out of private practice in psychiatry, Whitney Boynton is now medical director of a psychosocial rehabilitation program for people with chronic mental illness. Whitney enjoys the challenge of getting a new program off the ground. Her son is a senior at Franklin and Marshall, majoring in geology. Divorced in 2000, Whitney credits the “wonderful friends who have stood by me—for that I am amazed and grateful.”

Sheila Barry Aborn is enjoying the challenge of an expanded role in administration at the Museum of Science in Boston. Daughter Katy graduated from Haverford College and, after graduate school, hopes to teach contemporary literature. Son James, a junior at Georgetown, is studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. Sheila fills her extra time with reading, singing, and leading a United Council of Churches effort to provide support for young people through the establishment of “open and affirming congregations.”

Mary Hardman LaPorte is involved in planning for Trinity College library’s $32 million expansion and renovation, a two-year project that broke ground in May. She has also started an Internet business selling used books. Son Josh, a junior at Trinity majoring in art history, spent last year in Rome. High school senior Johanna was awaiting college responses; her younger sister Alicia is in 10th grade. Husband Bob, a financial planner, is active in civic affairs in Hartford.

Mary recently visited Alexandra Schilling Friedman in London. Alex, who is delighted by her Chelsea neighborhood, installed a weaving loom on the top floor of her residence, overlooking the Royal Hospital. Alex is presently working on a commissioned tapestry and wants to pursue opportunities in arts management.

Maureen Kelly Cooley would welcome information about Barbara Judkins, who was Skidmore’s instructor of public health nursing in the late ’60s.

Much has happened in the household of Peggy Goldsmith Bertorelli. Daughter Cristina, who graduated from Ball State University with degrees in elementary education and education for the deaf, was married in July 2000. She and her husband live in Evansville, IN, where she teaches handicapped 9-, 10-, and 11-year-olds. Peggy’s son Andrew, a graduate of the University of Delaware, earned a J.D. from Villanova Law School in May. After successful insertion of a pacemaker to control a heart block, Andrew married in August 2000. He and his wife live in southern New Jersey; Andrew practices law in Philadelphia. Middle son Luke, who married in March, starts medical school in August.


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