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Summer 2001

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     This spring’s roster of guest lectures pulled no punches, with a vast array of challenging, occasionally inspiring, and often provocative arguments. Just a few highlights:

  • “Racial Profiling: We All Have a Role in the Solution” and “‘Partial Birth’ Abortion,” by Alphonse Gerhardstein, civil rights litigator
  • “The Hidden Jesus Revealed: How the Discovery of a Lost Gospel Changed the Study of Christianity,” by Elaine Pagels, Princeton University
  • “The Future of Welfare Reform in America: Tommy Thompson and the Department of Health and Human Services,” by Kathleen Mulligan-Hansel, Institute for Wisconsin’s Future
  • “Impossible Facts and Absurd Exaggerations? The History of the New World in the Enlightenment: Perspectives from Metropolis and Periphery,” by Jorge Cañizares Esguerra, SUNY-Buffalo

And from Skidmore’s federally funded series on global environmental issues:

  • “Building Democracy in the Czech Republic: The Case of the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant,” by Regina Axelrod, Adelphi University
  • “Global Warming, Jobs, and the Politics of Kyoto,” by Eban Goodstein, Lewis and Clark College
  • “Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy in the Twenty-first Century,” by former U.S. Ambassador John Ritch, World Nuclear Association
  • “Environmental Policy in the European Union: A German Perspective,” by Sascha Müller-Kr”nner, Heinrich Böll Foundation
  • “From the Amazon Forest to the College Campus: The Ecology of Disturbance, Restoration, and Sustainability,” by Christopher Uhl, Pennsylvania State University

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