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Summer 2002

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Genevieve Oliver Littlefield

Miss Charlotte
and I encourage classmates to forward updated address information to Skidmore’s Office of Alumni Affairs (815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632).

Kay Cole Quinn moved to a new apartment within her community: She can be contacted at 850 Webster Street # 206, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

I received sad news this spring about the death of dear friend Dorothy “Dunnie” Willis Storff in December 2001. Active as a painter and volunteer until her death, Dunnie helped plan our 60th reunion. Her lovely artwork fills my home.


Miriam Ogden Cudmore

Gloria Moos Hatch
spent February and March in Boca Raton, FL, playing golf and bridge; she felt fortunate to have friends Elly Gunst Oppenheimer and Rita Figarsky Feigenbaum ’46 nearby.

Paul and Pat Wakeley Mara entertained all 12 family members on Easter and later went to Litchfield Beach to join former neighbors in Westport, CT.

Bill and Gen Wyckoff Sewell spent a month on Casey Key at Nokomis, FL. They lunched with Stan and Kay Diemer Chichester, who drove from Sarasota.

Mary Phillips Murray wrote that the best part of her trip to Troy, NY, was the company of Ruth Mook Kerr and Margaret Schwem Sager ’40. They saw a display featuring nursing uniforms manufactured by the Marvin Neitzl Company, which supplied Skidmore nursing majors. Living in Saratoga Springs, Mary finds Skidmore a wonderful source for concerts, lectures, and theater. She enjoyed seeing students perform Shakespeare’s Tempest and the Comedy of Errors.

In January, Don and Ruth Kerr joined a two-week Elderhostel cruise on an icebreaker ship to Antarctica. During the trip—hosted by naturalist instructors—they observed many seals, southern birds, and icebergs. Ruth too notes the aforementioned get-together with Margaret Sagar and Mary Murray and says, “We had a great time reminiscing about the old days, when we wore custom nurse uniforms at college. They were stiff, long-sleeved, high-collared, and inspected by Miss Gelinas before we went on duty.”

In Norwalk, CT, Lucia Dania Eastman is fine but says she is overwhelmed with family work. Eldest daughter Lucretia Simpson Juckett ’69 gives her lots of assistance.

The class sends condolences to the families of Eleanor Miltimore Wolff, who proudly served in the Women’s Army Corps during World War II, and Norma Kapewich Rosenstein, whom we remember for her commitment to the value of social work.


Cynthia Taft Lathrop

Betty Brett Hungerford
’s daughter Mary Anne Hungerford McLaughlin ’69 has two sets of twins; Betty hopes one will attend Skidmore. She says she would “dearly love classmates to visit” her in Ft. Myers, FL.

Lynn Allen Chamberlin sold her home in Florida and moved back to Williamsburg, VA. Due to a knee replacement, Lynn was unable to attend our 60th reunion but insisted that classmates sing the alma mater for her “lustily!” (She claims to actually remember all three verses.) Lynn “sends hugs to the gallant gals of ’42!”

Ann Choate Louks lives in Bethesda, MD, with her daughter and son-in-law. A stroke she suffered four years ago has confined her to a wheelchair.

Jane Dakin received a card from Bobi von Lenz Chenhall adorned with Bobi’s artwork.

In Gloversville, NY, Ruth Davidson Simek is “enjoying good health in a simple way.” She has three grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Doris Callaghan Gillingham of Manchester, NH, had some trouble with her back and required surgery on one hand earlier this year. Nonetheless, stoic Doris could not be deterred from attending our 60th reunion.

Virginia Giovannozzi Sands and her husband reside in Atkinson, NH. They moved from Washington State ten years ago to be closer to their family, with whom they enjoy taking RV and camping trips to Europe and the West Coast. Tai chi, aerobics, and yoga keep them young and active. Ginny, who could not attend reunion due to scheduling conflicts, sent “fond wishes to all.”

With her sister Joyce and her husband, Judy Helmick Settle sailed through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Islands in a three-masted ship earlier this year. She fills her schedule with tutoring, golf, and quilting a collection of World War II shoulder patches.

Marion Jones Averitt lives in Tucson, AZ, where she sings and writes poetry “that actually gets published!”

Lois LaDow Hilton sings the praises of her 14-year-old grandson, an honor student who plays bass fiddle in the school orchestra, is on the hockey and football teams, and was one of four students honored for having done the most for his school. “To top it all off,” says a proud Lois, “he is very thoughtful of his grandparents!”

Betty Morley Williams lives in a retirement community that features “excellent weekly entertainment, among other things.” In addition to taking art classes, she enjoys swimming and gardening.

Ellie Sloss Schatz plays tennis in the winter and golf in the summer. Her husband still works at City College of New York. They make annual trips to Vancouver, where a daughter lives; they also travel to Europe and Alaska. Their sons live in Washington, DC. The couple has six grandchildren, ranging in age from 12 to 21.

Marie vonLengerke Blaisdell, who lives in Red Bank, NJ, has two daughters, a son, and seven grandchildren—including a Skidmore graduate. Rie, who is involved with volunteer work, enjoys shooting—skeet, trap, and sporting clays—in her leisure time. Her daughters have grown up with this sport but Rie “still manages occasionally to beat them.”

Doris Reiners Voorhees and husband Anson spend winters in Sarasota and summers in Indian Lake, NY. They take advantage of their proximity to Saratoga in July to see the New York City Ballet and visit Skidmore’s campus. The couple has two children and two grandchildren.

In North Reading, MA, Margaret Henze Davis is “still alive and kicking.” Mar enjoys gardening and swimming.

Betty Estey Westbrook plays tennis and is active in her church in Troy, NY. Estey attended the wedding of 51-year-old daughter Diana, in April. “I never thought I’d be the mother of the bride at the age of 80!” she quips. Daughter Elizabeth Westbrook Hydes ’80, who lives in NYC, treated Estey to a performance of The Producers as a birthday gift, much to her delight.

Constance Nathan Tupper and husband Lamonte have given up long-distance traveling but still “play around Virginia.” She belongs to three art groups, is active in a watercolor guild, and publishes poetry.

Condolences to Dotty Lodgen Hal-pern, whose husband, Al, died from Parkinson’s and pneumonia in September 2001.

Robert Taylor, spouse of the late Nancy Garlick Taylor and father of Hilda Taylor Parrott ’77, died March 10. A longtime friend of Skidmore, he established the Nancy Garlick Taylor ’42 Scholarship.

As for me, I still ski and play tennis, stay active in a few civic organizations in New Hampton, NH, and sing in our church choir. I am taking watercolor lessons, but haven’t had that artistic breakthrough yet! Husband Francis and I enjoy our 13 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Mary Sinon Sayer

The Fallbrook, CA, home of Carlotta Slocum Littell and husband Joe was one of 40 houses burned to the ground during a devastating fire this spring. They were able to escape with two cars, three cats, a dog, and virtually nothing else. Joe lost a 300-year-old Chinese rug, and Cart lost all her antiques—which, she points out, “will be pictured in our minds until we lose them.” Perhaps those of us who have pictures of Cart (or other memorabilia) would like to send copies to her. She picks up her mail at:

2034 Santa Margarita Dr.,
Fallbrook, CA 92028-1647.


Barbara Conlon Bulger


Olga Massimiano Gigante

Mary MacGregor Bolton
and husband live in Tequesta, FL, and would like to hear from classmates in the area. They feel fortunate that grandchildren Nicholas, 16, Hilary, 11, and Alice, 10—who reside in New Jersey—are “not only good students, but possess qualities of character that are so important.”

Virginia Nichols Schutz enjoys an active retirement at Seabrook Village in New Jersey and was delighted when son Ron became a superior court judge in December.

With so many classmates living in the area, Jean Kalter Maguire thinks that Sarasota, FL, may be ripe for a mini-reunion.

Leah Hoffman Levinson and her husband, who moved from Pennsylvania to Highland Park, IL, to be closer to their daughter and her family, describe their new home as “a lovely city with very friendly people.” Leah would love to hear from alumni in the area.

Although Kay Krauskopf Brylawski’s travel business has experienced a lull since September 11, she is confident that things are picking up. Kay took advantage of the slack time to travel across Spain, stopping in Bilboa to see the Guggenheim Museum. Despite occasional bouts of arthritis, she claims that ankle fusion and knee replacement surgeries in the past two years have left her “feeling like the Bionic Woman.”

Sue Kadison Richman has had a challenging year. Three months after the death of her husband last May, her brother passed away. Sue credits her three daughters and four grandchildren with “keeping her spirits up.”

Jocelyn Sandburg Yates is having difficulties with macular degeneration, while husband Bill is recovering from open-heart surgery last September.

Last fall Pegge Fowler Lander took a cruise with 10 adult family members to the western Caribbean to celebrate her daughter-in-law’s 50th birthday. Pegge is visiting family in Philadelphia and Utah this summer.

Phyllis Friedman Levenson is recovering nicely from heart surgery.

Our sympathy goes to Marilyn Maier Feinberg, whose husband, Samuel, passed away last April.

Our daughter Julie is a violinist with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. My husband, Jim, and I heard her perform with the orchestra at Carnegie Hall in April. Julie and her colleagues also performed at the Oscars.


Miriam Blechman Grimes

Condolences to Mimi Blechman Grimes on the loss of husband Paul in April.


Jane Geibel Morton

This column marks the end of my five-year term as class secretary. Thank you, all loyal contributors!

After two years of planning, Claire Reese Burrill arranged to take all 28 members of her family on a two-week tour of southern France in June.

Judith Gellert Berkley has fully retired from a 33-year real estate career. She is working on two books and traveling with her husband. They had a trip to Kenya, which included tours of three game parks and accommodations at the Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi.

While her cancer was in remission, Jean Rubenstein Wallace took trips with her husband to Brittany, Montana, and Brant Lake in the Adirondacks, with family visits in between. A recurrence of Jean’s symptoms necessitates her staying closer to home.

Jane Helwig Castaneda is growing garlic and other good things to eat in North River, a town in the Adirondacks.

Pat Chapman Zilliox loved her trip to Thailand, where she claims to have “fallen in love with an elephant.” While sitting on the creature’s knee, she suddenly found its trunk wrapped around her. “It was a warm fuzzy to the max,” said Pat.

Energetic Jane Pollard Kelley stills serves in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Jane, who lives harmoniously with daughter Melissa, is raising a 9-year-old great-grandson whose mother died four years ago and two Boston terriers, Buster and Popeye (aka Osama). Another daughter works in California and has a condo in Maui. Jane continues to operate the Little Grace Chapel, a marriage mill where she performs about 130 weddings each year. “I am happy and fulfilled and still don’t have a B.A.!” she observes.

Savvy traveler Mae Finkbeiner recommends that those considering travel to China plan visiting in September or October, a tip she picked up after a 22-day trip during the very hot summer season. Despite the heat, Mae “loved the people and the food.”

Jane Ray Merrick is “getting along OK” with progressive supranuclear palsy (the illness that afflicted actor Dudley Moore), but needs the assistance of husband George to write. The Merricks enjoy their community in Hilton Head and love to have overnight guests.


Esther Anderson Lacey

Reunion 2003 is less than a year away! Time to start planning—get in touch with your roommates, hallmates, and classmates. Our 55th might even surpass our 50th!

Agnes Miller Smith had another great visit with Jessica Waldron Spacil on the island of St. Croix. While there, they shared some meals with Phyllis Pountney Gillette and her husband, Lee.

Stewie Galloway Weiser thinks Arizona “is a great place for retirement.” Husband Dick underwent painful spinal surgery earlier this year and can now walk and drive the car. Stewie is delighted to have her brother Ed and his clan of 35 nearby.

Phyllis Mittag Hall is recovering from shoulder replacement surgery. Husband Bob had a new pink dogwood tree planted in their front yard to welcome her from the hospital.

Last October Marie Ryder Riley’s daughters Cindy, Becky, and Pam completed the Dublin (Ireland) marathon, in honor of Pam’s 5-year-old son Peter, who has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) for more than two years. During their six months of intensive training, the sisters raised more than $18,400 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Needless to say, Marie, husband Bud, and Peter are “very proud.”

I received word that Sally Wickstrom Poole lost husband Jed in August 2001. We send our sympathy to Sally and her family.

Bob and I attended an Elderhostel in NYC regarding investments. Our hotel was one building away from Ground Zero. While there, we attended services at St. Paul’s Episcopal Chapel, adjacent to that site. The banners, letters, pictures, and messages from all over the world, which were hung in the sanctuary, overwhelmed us.


Edith Armend Holtermann

Mary Wolsey Rattray
and husband Maury returned from a world tour on her sailboat, Freia, this spring, arriving in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, 11 years after they initially set sail. This past year, they sailed from Greece to Portugal and past the volcanic Aeolian Islands, barely escaping Mt. Etna’s blow. Friends joined them for the 954-mile leg to the Canary Islands. They were informed of the September 11 attacks by an Englishman while docking at Porto Santo. During the final leg of the trip—a 2,700-mile jaunt back to the Windward Islands of the Caribbean—the Rattrays celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mary welcomes e-mail from classmates at mrattray@attbi.com.

I welcomed two new grandchildren this year: Julia Rose arrived in January, and Abby followed in March. That makes a total of 14 grandchildren: eight boys and six girls!

Margery Buehler English’s 48-year-old son, H. Douglas Hall III, succumbed to cancer in March. Our sympathy goes out to Margery and her family.


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