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In Memoriam


Mildred Scott Johnson ’22 of Rochester, NY, died March 26, 1996. She was a home economics major. She is survived by a granddaughter.

Elinor Wilcox ’27 of Springfield, MA, died February 20 at the age of 100. An art major, she taught in Springfield schools for over 30 years, retiring in 1964. She was an active member of her church. She is survived by a nephew.

Lucy Jewett Straw ’29 of Shreveport, LA, died March 28, 2002. She was a physical education major. There are no known survivors.

Shirley VanderVeer Harrison ’30 of Chatham, NJ, died March 14, 1995. A secretarial science major and honors graduate, she was an executive secretary at Rutgers Law School and the J.C. Penney Company. She served Skidmore as class president, class secretary, and class agent. She is survived by a son.

Angelyn Lawrence Kerley ’32 of Venice, FL, died March 8. A history major, she obtained teaching certification from Oneonta State Teachers College in 1936. She was a member of numerous community organizations. Her husband, Stephen, predeceased her.

Dorothy Chandler Wallace ’32 of Dallas, TX, died January 2, 2004. She was a psychology major. She leaves a son and daughter.

Dorothea Wagenseil Hussennetter ’33 of Drums, PA, died January 28. She was a physical education major. She was a member of her church’s Women’s Service Circle and taught Sunday school for more than 15 years. She was a past member of the Hazelton branch of the AAUW and an avid gardener. She is survived by two daughters, six grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

Marjorie Waddington Elliott ’33 of Lewes, DE, died July 10, 2004. She leaves her husband.
Myrtle Ford ’33 of Lenox, MA, died November 25. A nursing major, she earned master’s degrees from Western Reserve University and Russell Sage College. She was a professor and administrator at Boston University School of Nursing, serving as assistant dean of the faculty before retiring as professor emerita in 1977. She belonged to numerous professional societies and was a former consultant to the World Health Organization in Southeast Asia. An avid international traveler, she visited countries throughout South and Central America and Asia. She is survived by her brother and cousin Barbara Mann Bigham ’62.

Virginia Barker Holmberg ’35 of Naples, FL, died April 6. A biology major, she earned a medical degree from Western Reserve University in 1939 and established a thriving pediatric practice in Cleveland, OH, while husband Robert served as a flight surgeon during WWII. After the war, she became physician for the Hathaway Brown School in Shaker Heights, later resuming her pediatric practice when her three sons were school age. She also supervised the Cleveland Well Baby Clinic. Former president of the Family Health Association there, she was an officer of several professional societies in the region. She enjoyed sailing, collecting antiques, and gardening. She is survived by Robert, three sons, and four grandchildren.

Mary Robbins Anthony ’35 of Pelham, NY, died November 17, 2003. She was an art major. There are no known survivors.

More on Virginia Byers Cooper ’35 of Olathe, KS, whose death was noted in the spring Scope: A business major, she was a board member of the Johnson County Cancer Society and chair of the Kansas Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Winifred Mittag Beasley ’35 of Allendale, NJ, died January 7, 2002. She is survived by a daughter and son; her husband, David, predeceased her.

Helen Barry Walker ’36 of Nashua, NH, died September 26. A secretarial science major, she was a former bookkeeper for the Louis Page Company in Littleton. She is survived by a daughter and two sons.

Adele Schermerhorn Ross ’37 of Scottsdale, AZ, died April 28, 2004. She was a business major. There are no known survivors. Husband Elmer predeceased her.

Annabelle Warshawsky Bernstein ’37 of Delray Beach, FL, died August 22, 2002. An English major, she earned her MLS in 1971 and taught library science at Cardozo Junior High School in Far Rockaway, NY, from 1966 to 1980. She leaves three sons and sister Gertrude Warshawsky Levine ’39.

Mary Hodge Neff ’38 of Mount Pleasant, SC, died April 11, 2003. Husband Frank predeceased her; there are no known survivors.

Barbara Hodgkins ’40 of San Diego, CA, died June 6, 2003. She was a business major. There are no known survivors.

Rita Martin Lovett ’41 of St. Paul, MN, died October 3, 2003. A business education major, she wrote for the Skidmore News and was a member of the Debate Honor Guard. She taught for the Springfield, MA, school district for many years. A volunteer for the Red Cross, PTA, and Girl Scouts, she served the college as president of the Springfield Skidmore Club. She is survived by two daughters and a son. Her husband, James, predeceased her.

Phoebe Chamberlain Frost ’43 of San Diego, CA, died March 4. She is survived by husband George.

Shirley Bornwasser Major ’43 of Louisville, KY, died December 13, 2002. A biology major, she also studied at the University of Louisville and Purdue University. She was a library administrator for the University of Louisville for many years. A former president of the Louisville League of Women Voters, she also presided over that organization at the state level. She is survived by husband William.

Elaine Sugerman Winnett ’44 of Highland Park, NJ, died May 25, 2004. A music education major, she earned a master’s in music education and music history from Columbia University. She also studied at Juilliard. A pioneer in her field, Elaine directed the Metuchen High School Orchestra and was the first woman to direct the New Brunswick Chamber Orchestra, which she created and led for 12 years. She was a board member of the Middlesex County Arts High School and music chair of the High Park Arts Council. In 1968 she was named New Jersey’s Woman of the Year. She is survived by husband George, a son, and a daughter.

Joanne Smith Orwoll ’44 of Dearborn, MI, died January 22, 2004. A physical education major, she taught for several years prior to her marriage and was an accomplished weaver. She served Skidmore as a class agent. She leaves husband Edward, a son, and two daughters.

Jeanne O’Brien Baldwin ’44 of Arcadia, CA, died September 29, 1973. She was survived by five children, nine grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

Constance Morris ’45 of Bridgeport, CT, died April 13. An English major, she also studied at Connecticut College School of Dance and Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in NYC. She worked as a substitute teacher and library assistant in the Bridgeport area. A longtime environmental activist, she was a member of several regional and national conservancy organizations. There are no known survivors.

Jean Ford Baldwin ’45 of West Stockbridge, MA, died March 18. A physical education major, she earned a master’s from Springfield College and did doctoral work in education. She was a phys-ed teacher at Williams High School and later department head at Monument Mountain Regional High School, from which she retired in 1984. She also operated a variety store in town for several years. A hospice volunteer, she was active in a community health program and her church. She is survived by husband Arthur, four daughters, two sons, 17 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.

Ann O’Brien Blanco ’45 of San Antonio, TX, died January 28 from complications of Parkinson’s Disease. She was a biology major. She is survived by husband Gumersindo, two sons, a brother, a sister, and several grandchildren.

Miriam Hinckley Taylor ’45 of Gaithersburg, MD, died January 13 of cancer. A nursing major, she practiced that profession for 19 years before earning a master’s in education from Masschusetts State College at North Adams in 1973. She volunteered as an elementary school tutor, Head Start assistant, and hospice worker. She leaves her husband, Phillip, two sons, and two daughters. A sister-in-law, Betty Ashworth Hinckley ’45, predeceased her.

Mary MacIver Crabtree ’46 of Bedford, NH, died May 20. An English major, she earned an MLS from Syracuse University. In New York she taught junior-high-school English and later served as librarian for the Hospital Association of New York State in Albany. In 1980 she and husband James retired to Greenfield, NH, where they lived for 20 years before moving to Bedford. Mary was active in her church as well as numerous charities; she also had a keen interest in genealogy and in America’s colonial and Revolutionary War history. In addition to James, Mary is survived by two sons and two grandchildren.

Selma Blank Hacker ’46 of Whitestone, NJ, died in January. She was an English major. She is survived by a son, a stepdaughter, and a grandson; husband Jack predeceased her.
Jean Schroeder Bell ’47 of Wilton, NH, died December 26, 2003. She is survived by husband James.

Jessica (Judy) Weis Warren ’48 of Rochester, NY, died June 16 from injuries sustained in a car crash. She was a history major. A Skidmore trustee for 12 years, she was active in the Skidmore club of Rochester, serving as president and VP, and an alumna admissions correspondent. Judy worked on behalf of a number of organizations—including the Rochester Community Baseball Board and the Genesee Hospital Auxiliary, which she served as president. She was on the boards of the Lewis Street Center settlement house, the East Side Community Center, Monroe County Planned Parenthood, and the Hillside Children’s Hospital. She was also a trustee of the Rochester Community Savings Bank and the Norman Howard School. In 1988 she received the alumni association’s Outstanding Service Award and 10 years later was presented the Denis B. Kemball-Cook Award for distinguished service by the board of trustees. An avid golfer, she was named women’s senior champion for the New York State Golf Association in 1980. She was fond of traveling and visited South Africa in 1998. Judy is survived by husband William; three children, including Charles ’76; sister Joan Weis Jameson ’51, a brother, and five grandsons.

Ruth-Ellen Jewell Parlett ’48 of Middleburg, FL, died January 28. A nursing major, she studied at the Copley School of Art and New England School of Design in Boston. She maintained an art gallery and studio in Rockport for many years and exhibited her oil paintings throughout New England. She was active in the Paramus, NJ, League of Women Voters and served the college as VP of the Skidmore Club of Northern New Jersey in the mid 1950s. She leaves three daughters and a son.

Mary Jane Greene Livingstone ’49 of Santee, CA, died October 19 of Alzheimer’s disease. A nursing major, she worked in public health and obstetric nursing. She retired as manager of a physician’s practice. She is survived by three daughters; her husband, Alan, predeceased her.

Shirley Howarth Panza ’49 of Hilton Head Island, SC, died September 10, 2004. She is survived by husband Joseph, two daughters, and a son.

Rowland Hughes ’50 of Glens Falls, NY, died on March 27 after a long illness. A physics major, he had already studied meteorology as member of the Army Air Force weather service. After graduating from Skidmore, he was a purchasing agent for Kamyr Inc. of Glens Falls until his retirement in 1986. He was active in his church and enjoyed photography and opera. He is survived by his wife, Marie, a son, and two grandchildren.

Marian Sedgwick Chittick ’50 of Hingham, MA, died February 16. A home economics major, she earned a master’s in nutrition from Massachusetts General Hospital in 1952. Her professional career began soon after, when she traveled to Jacksonville, FL, with her husband, a Navy fighter pilot, and worked as head of dietetics at St. Francis Hospital. After the couple returned to Weston, MA, Marian worked as a consultant in child nutrition to the City of Newton. She enjoyed traveling around the world with her husband to sample the work of top chefs. She was also an accomplished knitter and needlework artist. In her community she was a involved with the Hingham Historical Society, garden club, and her church. For Skidmore, she served on the alumni board, as president of the Boston club, class agent, reunion volunteer, and Friends of the Presidents committee member. She was serving as class FOP chair at the time of her death. She is survived by husband Charles, daughter Tamsen Chittick Langalis ’84, a son, and six grandchildren.

Frances Donohue Norton ’50 of Burton, MI, died January 10. A nursing major, she enjoyed a lengthy career in public health nursing in Michigan, Alaska, and New York. Predeceased by husband Norton, she leaves a daughter and two sons.

More on Elizabeth Wagman ’50 of North York, Ontario, whose death was noted in the spring Scope. An English major, she earned a graduate degree in library science from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She enjoyed a lengthy career as an elementary school librarian and high-school English teacher in Canada, retiring as librarian for Havergal College in 1989. She was a member of several professional associations. Additional survivors include cousins Maria-Louise Wagman Stracke ’51 and Christine Hoge ’69; her aunt Maria-Louise Taylor Wagman ’27 predeceased her.

Clifford Webb ’50 of Greenacres, FL, died April 7, 2004. A psychology major, he earned a master’s in English and guidance from Albany State Teachers College in 1952. He was director of guidance at Hartford Central Schools in Hartford, NY. There are no known survivors.

Nancy Brown Hunt ’51 of Cambridge, NY, died April 8. A nursing major, she began her career as a visiting nurse in NYC, then served as infirmary nurse at Hamilton College. Settling in Park Ridge, NJ, with her family, she worked for the Rockland County School District for many years. In 1980 she returned to Cambridge, where she was a supervising nurse and discharge planner at Mary McClellan Hospital until her retirement in 1994. A spirited advocate for health care, she was particularly proud of being the daughter, mother, and grandmother of a nurse. She is survived by a son, two daughters, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

Janet Foster Lester ’51 of Arlington, IL, died December 30 of Alzheimer’s disease. A business major, she was an assistant librarian at the East Hampton Library and later was a school librarian at John Marshall Elementary and East Hampton High, from which she retired in 1990. She was a former deacon of her church and sang in the choir. An avid bridge player, she also enjoyed flower arranging and travel. She served Skidmore as a reunion volunteer and class agent. She is survived by husband John, two daughters, sister Ruth Foster Fleming ’55, and two grandsons.

Be a friend

Friends of deceased alumni may wish to make contributions in their memories to the Yellow Rose Memorial Fund, Skidmore College, 815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Please include the name of the person being memorialized and,if appropriate, include the name and address of a relative to whom the college can send an acknowledgment.

Margaret Clark MacDonald ’51 died September 25. Further details are not available.

Sanford Hall ’51 of West Hartford, CT, died July 2, 2004. A math and physics major, he was manager of the Connecticut branch of the American Insurance Company, later founding his own firm, the Sanford Hall Agency, in Avon in 1966. He retired as president in 1990. A WWII veteran, he served with combat engineers in Europe from 1944 to 1946, earning the Distinguished Service Cross, Bronze Star, and Meritorious Service Medal. He retired from the Army Reserve as a colonel in 1979. He is survived by wife Terry and a stepson.

Carol Block Maurer ’53 of Burlington, VT, died March 1. An English major, she earned an MSW in 1974 from the University of Connecticut and was director of social services for a regional council of churches. During the 1980s and ’90s, she forged a career in education advocacy and social activism. She founded the Harris and Francis Block Foundation, which addresses environmental and social problems; the Learning Exchange in Hartford, which she also served as director; and Vermont Off Beat, a creative learning center in Chester and Burlington. She sat on the boards of the ACLU and the Peace and Justice Center in Burlington as well as the Institute of Social Ecology in Plainfield, CT. She worked passionately for political candidates from Eugene McCarthy to Howard Dean. Carol was also a freelance journalist; her articles on regional issues were published in Vermont Life, Yankee, Preservation, the New York Times, and the Burlington Free Press. An avid tennis player, she became a downhill skier at age 60. She is survived by three daughters and several grandchildren.

Louisa Jones Gelser ’56 of Wellesley Hills, MA, died April 12. A nursing major, she earned an MSW from Boston University and a master’s in education from Wheelock College. She was active in the Interfaith Community for Action in Wellesley. She is survived by husband Leigh, a son, a daughter, a sister, a brother, and four grandchildren.

Gretel Lichtenstein Vonnoh ’58 of Blairsville, GA, died December 27. An art and education major, she was editor and publisher of the Graham Star newspaper in Robbinsville, NC, for many years. She was also a board member of her chapter of the American Heart Association and hospice director and president of a hospital auxiliary. She leaves husband George, two sons, and three grandchildren.

Susan Schneider Barwig ’65 of Lakewood, CO, died in December 2000. She is survived by husband Robert.

Dianne Barton Parker ’68 of Greensboro, NC, died October 18. She was an art major. She is survived by husband David, two sons, and a daughter.

Barbara Ringler Venishnick ’70, of Simsbury, CT, died suddenly of a heart attack on March 13. An art major, she received the Marguerita Mergentime Award for textile design. She worked for Deering Milliken and Avondale Mills in New York City, designing yarn-dyed woven fabrics for Levi Strauss & Company, among others. While raising two daughters in Connecticut, she worked part-time at a yarn shop and taught workshops, then began submitting her original designs to knitting publications and yarn companies. In 1995 she was designated a certified professional knitwear designer and became a member of the Professional Designers’ Guild. Her award-winning work has often been featured in Vogue Knitting (including a recent design in the fall issue), Knitters’ magazine, Interweave Knits, Cast On, and Knit ’n’ Style. She is survived by husband Joe, two daughters, and her mother.

Mari Patricia Cronin ’70 of Yonkers, NY, died March 13 after a long battle with liver disease. An art history major, she completed her undergraduate education at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning a BFA in theater. She was a watercolorist, jewelry designer, and award-winning designer of miniature couture for fashion dolls under the name Ahhhlamode ( She is survived by a son, her stepmother, and her partner, Dennis Mitchell.

Sue Ellen Keller ’71 of White Plains, NY, died November 5, 2004. She is survived by her companion, John Cohn.

Elizabeth O’Connor McInnes ’82 of Mount Bethel, PA, died on December 16, 2004. A psychology major, she did graduate study in counseling at Northeastern University. She was a founding partner of the Park Place Preschool in New York City. She is survived by husband Stan, a son, brother John O’Connor ’84, and sister-in-law Carolyn Brush O’Connor ’82.

Melissa Browne Gulitti ’83 of Cold Spring Harbor, NY, died suddenly on February 18. She was a dance major. She leaves her husband, Joseph, and a son.

Clementine Kenny Scheideler ’85 of Glens Falls, NY, died in November. A graduate of Skidmore’s UWW (with a focus on business) and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies programs (health studies), she was a consultant for the Mary Kenny Company. A board member of the Round Lake Library, she also belonged to the Malta Sunrise Rotary Club. She is survived by husband Thomas.