Scope Quiz: Who, what, where?

So, tell us...
Tin can alley? Where on earth are these Skidmore students, and what are they up to?

What was the occasion? (Here’s a hint: the month is April.) Did you ever participate in something similar?

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            From last time: Fall Quiz 2000
Dining hall memories
Deborah Gosnell Roach ’76 recognizes sister Catherine Gosnell Carter ’82 in the stripes, and Susan Miller Clark ’79 spots Leslie Bergman Savage ’79 at right, but neither remembers much about Skidmore dining. Elizabeth Morley Williams ’42 fondly remembers the Friday shrimp salads with french fries and peas, Elaine Choy Lee ’71 can’t forget the salads consisting of “half a head of iceberg lettuce with French dressing,” and June Sobel ’72 recalls a revoltingly underdone chicken fricassee once served in Moore Hall, but Judith Sturtevant Harris ’49 really takes the cake: “A little bit homesick, living with twelve others in Baker House on Union Avenue, I welcomed supper in the warm and friendly atmosphere of the dining room at Wilmarth. I savored every bit of the shepherd’s pie, a comfort food. Until later. I awoke in the small hours sicker than sick from food poisoning….”