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Winter 2002

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Faculty links

     I appreciated the feature article “Must Read,” which included some recommendations from some former professors of mine. In fact, it inspired a trip to Book Soup, a local haunt for true booklovers.

     The article provided me with that “link” back to campus which becomes harder to maintain as my Skidmore years slip further behind me (gulp!) and the college continues to change.

Jonathan Gat ’88
Santa Monica, Calif.

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More death penalties

     Unlike my fellow alum John Howley ’80, I am not a lawyer. I wrote my term paper on the death penalty over five years ago, and my sources on the subject are but a distant memory. But I would like to respond to John’s suggestion ( “Holly Wood and the Death Penalty” in the fall 2001 Scope) that we should stop killing people.

     In a perfect world, the government would not execute its citizens. It would not need to, because in a perfect world, people would not kill their spouses.

     Mr. Howley’s primary argument is that Holly Wood did not have adequate legal representation [largely because of his poverty]. It is a simple truth that people with more money can live in nicer houses, buy better food, have nicer cars, and, yes, hire better lawyers. In a capitalist society (for better or worse), these incentives inspire individuals to work hard. This may be shocking to the sensibilities of my fellow Skidmore alumni, but [they should acknowledge] it was money that allowed many of us to attend a wonderful private college where we received a first-rate education.

     Still, we have a glaring inequity in the application of the death penalty. To solve this problem, let me propose this: Make it easier for prosecutors to seek and get the death penalty. Do whatever is necessary so that rich and poor alike are executed should they take the life of another. Nothing would delight me more than to see rich defendants executed for their crimes. Let’s find a way to make that happen. Who is with me? All I can hear is cricket sounds from the people who oppose the death penalty.

Wendell Arnold ’96
Newark, Calif.

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Musicians’ union

     I was interested to read about the Huxtable, Christensen, and Hood trio in the fall 2001 Scope, because I played recorder on their Wallflowers record.

     I remember well the day we taped the master at Philo Records here in Ver-mont. And it is absolutely true that “everyone sang” at Skidmore, even in 1957, when I arrived on campus.

     I also liked Scope’s book recommendations (“Must Read”). I agree completely with David Porter’s, especially of Ahab’s Wife—but then he and I share interests in music as well, and his first wife, Laudie, was a flutist as I am. David was a classics colleague of my ex-husband (who also played on the Wallflowers record) at Princeton.

     I attended my very first reunion this year, and Scope makes it possible for me to retain the Skidmore connection.

Jane Perlis Ambrose ’61
Jericho, Vt.


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