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Winter 2002

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     Since September 11, a wide range of voices and activities have contributed to the college community’s search for insights, analysis, and understanding. A few examples:

  • Guest speaker Perry Diver, of the Australian Special Forces Anti-Terrorism Unit
  • The Vox Radio Group and Skidmore community members soliciting donations of clothing and gear for rescue workers
  • Skidmore’s volunteerism coordinator Michelle Hubbs offering information about local charities responding to the disaster
  • WSPN radio, fundraising for the Red Cross
  • International Affairs Program colloquium with faculty members Mehmet Odekon (on economic and business implications), Katherine Graney (on politics and diplomacy), and Jack T. F. Ling (on psychology and culture)
  • Classroom visits and public lecture, “Islam: The Religion We Must Under-stand,” by Imam Warithu-Deen Umar, founding president of the National Association of Muslim Chaplains
  • Political columnist Christopher Hitchens discussing the “war against terrorism” and the concept of war crimes with professors Timothy Burns (government) and Robert Boyers (English and Salmagundi)
  • “Critical Condition: American Art at the Crossroads,” a symposium with artists Alfredo Jaar and Julian LaVerdiere, critic Eleanor Heartney, and Skidmore faculty members Gautam Dasgupta (theater), Katherine Hauser (art history), and Charles Stainback (Tang Museum)
  • “Who Hates Us, and Why? The Root Causes of Islamic Terrorism, and What to Do About It,” lecture by Hillel Fradkin, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.

Vera Ventura ’03, who was studying in India on 9/11, shows the huge collage she created for a solo exhibit in Case Gallery in December.


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