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Winter 2003

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Au naturel

Students join for a “streakathon” to raise money for wilderness protection. After signing up friends and faculty to sponsor them with donations for public land purchases in the Adirondacks, about thirty students (of both genders and all four classes) gathered on Case Green on the Friday afternoon of Family Weekend. Unchilled by 50-degree drizzle—or by the cheers and hoots
     of their fellow students in the large, appreciative audience (“I have two sons up there, and I couldn’t be prouder!” said one mom)—they huddled for a quick pep rally and then doffed their clothes, waved their arms in triumph, and jogged across the green, around the library, and down to Scribner Village. The event raised more than $1,400 for Buy Back the ’Dacks, a project of the Vermont-based journal Wild Earth.


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