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Winter 2004

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Genevieve Oliver Littlefield
PO Box 105
Bristol, ME 04539-0105

Dorothy Fisher Terner reports that Boulder, CO, is a great retirement place. Seniors can audit courses at the University of Colorado, there are beautiful mountain hiking trails, and, best of all, her two daughters live in town. She still has a mountain cabin near Rocky Mountain National Park, where her two great-grandchildren love to visit her in the summer. She winters in Florida and travels whenever she can.

Margaret Schwem Sager
continues to live comfortably at Glen Eddy, a retirement community in Niskayuna, NY, where she enjoys amenities including transportation, meals, and housekeeping.

Nancy Bogle Dunn
still lives in her own home in Catskill, NY, where she enjoys having both sons less than a mile away.

Retired in Boston, Jean Abrams Roberts maintains her residence there, attends the symphony, volunteers at the Museum of Science, and is involved in several arts projects. She says she loves reading “news about Skidmore and the dear friends I made there.”

Jane Griswold Mensel is finally swearing off tennis and will stick to gardening, walking, entertaining, reading, and going on day trips.

We send our condolences to Henrietta Lockwood Brothwell, whose husband, Charles, died last May after four months of declining health. Rita has decided to remain in their home, which is large but dear to her. She still plays golf now and then.


Miriam Ogden Cudmore
13041 W. Ohio Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228-3105

Gloria Moos Hatch has moved to the Beverwyck retirement community near her former home in Slingerlands, NY, and enjoys the many friends she has there.

Class president Ruth Mook Kerr attended the wedding of her youngest son last spring in Jackson Hole, WY, “a beautiful setting.” She is proud of her daughter, who is finishing a master’s in physiotherapy, and her granddaughter, who is completing a master’s in environmental engineering. Ruth and her husband spent last summer at their Adirondack camp, hosting family members.

Bettina Towne Moore and husband John spent last summer making their Lake Wales, FL, residence their primary home. They are selling their place in Woodstock, VT, but plan to return for a month each summer. The Moores attended the inauguration of President Glotzbach in October. Bettina chats often with Saratoga Springs resident Mary Phillips Murray and Yolanda Campoli Cancilla, of Pittsfield, MA—both of whom report they are “hanging in there.” Mary also attended the inauguration.

After a family wedding in Connecticut last May, Pat Wakeley Mara and her entire clan of twelve, including five grandchildren, visited Saratoga, where they spent the night in her old freshman dorm, Furness House, now the Union Gables Bed and Breakfast. Pat and husband Paul stayed in Pat’s old dorm room. The next day, the group toured Skidmore for the benefit of granddaughter Katie, a high-school senior, followed by a similar visit to Union College, Paul’s alma mater.

Gen Wyckoff Sewell
and husband Bill traveled to San Diego in June to watch two grandsons play baseball, and witnessed one grandson’s team win a championship title. (The Sewells themselves are avid golfers.) In August they attended another grandson’s graduation from Baylor University. Jane Dewey Cash joined the Sewells earlier in the summer for a tour of Skidmore’s campus.

The class sends its sympathy to Eleanor Hageman Suppe, whose husband, Charles, passed away last fall.

Ken and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary in September at a catered party, given by our children at the home of daughter Linda. Fifty family members and guests joined the festivities. We were surprised by the arrival of a 10-piece Scottish band (in kilts) that played some great numbers in Linda’s lovely garden.
........ of June, Adele Bagg Durward is a great-grandmother. She has been enjoying her life in assisted-living accommodations after living alone for many years.

Jeannette Partridge Harrison reports being in good health, enjoying life, and doing lots of volunteer work.

Dorothy Shaw Panning’s grandson graduated from Winter Park Tech in May; a granddaughter is a 7th-grader who was made a member of her school’s honors society.


Cynthia Taft Lathrop
71 Ridge Road
New Hampton, NH 03256

Doris Reiners Voorhees and husband Nick have operated Camp Driftwood in the upper Adirondack village of Indian Lake, NY, for the past 40 years. Now both retired and spending winters in Sarasota, FL, they manage the summer camp with the help of their son. Doris, who retired from the estate sale business, devotes her time to children and grandchildren. The couple celebrated their 60th anniversary in May.

After graduating from Skidmore, Corrine Kramer Gelbard landed a job as an advertising copywriter for McManus & Riley clothing store in Albany, where she grew up. During WW II, she expedited steel shipments for canon production at the Watervliet Arsenal. She married Albany Medical College student David Gelbard in 1947 and raised four children in California. Their son is a urologist, while their daughters entered the fields of public health, law, and public policy.

Marjorie Scott Ott recognized several classmates pictured in Skidmore’s centennial celebration brochure. She is proud of Skidmore’s growth and has plans to visit the Tang Museum this year.

Constance Nathan Tupper spent much of the past year recuperating from spinal surgery but is improved enough to pursue tennis and physical therapy as well as her other interests, painting and writing poetry. Husband Lamonte, meanwhile, still swims.


Mary Sinon Sayer
115 Appleton Street
Concord, NH 03301-5942

Rachel Bennett Bloomfield now spends her summers in the Concord, NH, community of Havenwood. Ray lunched with Jane Savage Stohn prior to departing for Jensen’s Beach, FL, for the winter.

Alice Mazuzan Pollard attended the inauguration of Skidmore president Phil Glotzbach in October. She reports that the ceremony was well attended and she enjoyed hearing President Glotzbach’s plans for the college.

Jean Kleppinger Langeloh spends each fall designing holiday wreaths and then flees to Venice, FL, to escape the cold. She chatted with Mary Lib Walker Tierney, whose knee operation was successful. Jean also reports that Marty Howe Cadle underwent knee surgery in the fall.

Cathy Smith Reid Murphy is newly married to “a wonderful guy.” She and “Hap” Murphy summer in Fort Wayne, IN, and spend the winter in Bermuda Dunes, CA.

Marjorie Kennedy Gillie
thinks often of her college roommate and dear friend Barbara Estabrook, who died in July.


Reunion ’04!

Dorothy Roman Guenther
248 Pines Lake Drive
Wayne, NJ 07470-5009

Bettie Weed Duryea won’t be able to attend Reunion but promises to be with us in spirit this June. Bettie recalls favorite Skidmore professors: “Regardless of how faulty a drawing might be, art and textile design professor Alice Mosier always found something to praise about it. Marietta and Bob Davidson’s kindness and creativity made them the best of teachers. Then there was Miss Cockroft, the whiz of the history department. Her lectures were fast, furious, and fascinating.”

Elaine Baldwin Moffatt and husband Charles celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in the fall, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, and then headed to Arizona. Charles has recovered nicely from the heart attack he suffered last spring. Elaine connected with Ellen Hart Mulvey, Ruth Lawrence McComb and husband Arthur, and Fran Perkins Kelsey over the summer.

Nancy MacGilpin Garrison saw Pris Comins Craig several times last year when Pris came east to her summer cottage in Fiskdale, MA. She later spotted Anna Bessarab Turner at a Norwich University homecoming event. Nancy and husband George celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary in October.

Betty Mann Margison
embarked on a 21-day cruise to the Panama Canal in October. She and her husband are still living in Tucson, AZ, where they enjoy the hot summers.
Peg Fiero Stone’s husband, Chip, marked their 60th wedding anniversary this past September with the purchase of a new golf cart. Still hitting the greens two or three times a week, Peg’s handicap has gone up, but she says, “At least I am still out there having fun.”

For three years Catherine Rothery Schilling has lived at Crosslands, a Quaker retirement community near Kennett Square, PA, where she plays chamber music. One daughter lives in Ann Arbor, another resides in Chicago; her son lives in Philadelphia. A grandchild is a freshman at Grinnell College.

Patricia Sullivan Spicer has enjoyed many years of international travel, for business and pleasure. She accompanied husband Charlie, a reporter who covered the Olympic Games for NBC, to Korea in 1988 and Barcelona in 1992. Last year, the couple moved to a retirement community in North Branford, CT. They enjoy frequent trips to the Big Apple. This past year, Patsy and Charlie visited Ronnie Whiting Brandon, Edie DeMott Hutchison, and Sally Seelbach Narrigan and husband Dick.

Genevieve Gerard Conroy loves “the crazy state of California.” She and husband Dick have decided to move into a new condo in an oceanfront retirement community in La Jolla—which won’t be completed until 2006. They are weighing the merits of selling now and moving twice, or holding off. Dick continues working part-time at the Scripps Clinic, while Genevieve helps seniors find low-cost housing. The couple spent the holidays on a cruise from San Diego to Hawaii—“no airplanes involved!”

Alice “Kit” Mungall Porter
’s husband, Charlie, spent a month in the hospital recovering from a dangerous bacterial infection, vibrio vulnificus, which he contracted while fishing. He required an additional month of bedrest and feels lucky to have avoided muscle damage to the affected leg. Alice and Charlie have nine grandchildren, ranging in age from 8 to 27. Their oldest granddaughter was married in the midst of Charlie’s hospital stay. A grandson is in Japan studying business and plans to enter law school.

Edith Kirk Griffin and husband Jud celebrated their 60th anniversary in June. “To think that it all started with a blind date at Skidmore in 1940,” she muses. The Griffins have three children, including Terri Griffin Harvey ’71 and Wendy Griffin DeMartini ’73; six grandchildren, including Timothy Harvey ’02; and one great-grandchild.

Virginia Gooch Puzak and Alec Schuyler Squire enjoyed a weekend in Saratoga. They rendezvoused at the Albany airport, rented a car, and took in historic sights around the county. In Saratoga the pair met friends on campus, toured the Tang Museum, attended the New York City Ballet production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and took pictures in Congress Park (noting that during the 1940s, Skidmore students were prohibited from being there).

Edith DeMott Hutchison enjoys spending time with classmates in the Philadelphia area. While visiting her daughter in Villanova, Mary Badger Jessup joined Edith, Bobby Bulger Conlon, and Sally Seelbach Narrigan for a lunch. Badge recently had dinner with Ronnie Whiting Brandon.

Ellen Hart Mulvey and Ruth Lawrence McComb drove out to Sheffield, MA, in August to visit Frances Perkins Kelsey. Fran plays bridge with Ruth and Liddy Peelor VanDeWater once a month or so. She’s looking forward to our 60th.

Fran Kelsey is still teaching tap dancing, cross-country skiing, and hiking. She is active with committee work at her church, hiking, and an annual walk for the homeless. Although she misses husband Donald, who passed away two years ago, she is thankful for her children and grandchildren.

Doris Merz Wyckoff says, “Whenever mail from Skidmore comes, I get a special warm feeling all over!” She is planning to attend our 60th reunion.

Libby Cone Gardner and Clint began their winter adventure in November and will return to Norwich, VT, in May. Libby has recovered from hip surgery last May and exhibited artwork at three shows later in the year. Clint is struggling with a herniated disc. “Old age is getting to be hard work,” quips Libby.

Dorothy Keith Todd spends June to October in Nantucket. She misses her husband, Duane, who died of lung cancer in 2001. She is grateful for “two wonderful granddaughters and a very caring daughter and son.”

Priscilla Comins Craig still plays golf once a week and spends the summer at her lake cottage in Sturbridge, MA, where she often sees Nancy MacGilpin Garrison. She hopes to get to our 60th reunion.

Harriet Hebden Avery’s life changed dramatically in August when husband Baldy fell off a ladder at Pocono Preserve, smashing his right hip and requiring a total replacement. He is recuperating nicely under Hebbie’s care at their Florida condo. Hebbie is looking forward to Reunion.

Jean Poskanzer Rudnick visited with Teddy Barlow Carlaw and husband Jim. She also spent time last summer with Phyllis Newman Byan at a Cape Cod club program honoring former Skidmore president David Porter. Sadly, Jean had a call this fall from Phyl’s husband, Leonard, informing her that Phyl passed away in September. We offer our heartfelt condolences to Leonard and his family.

Our sympathy also goes to Betty Huber Billings, who lost husband Ross in May following a five-month illness. Bee-Jay, “grateful for 55 wonderful years together,” is surrounded by most of her children in Glastonbury, CT, but left for Florida as soon as cold weather arrived.

Don’t forget: Reunion is June 3–6, 2004. For those of you who don’t drive anymore, I suggest checking into Amtrak, which runs trains from NYC’s Penn Station to Saratoga.



Olga Massimiano Gigante
706 Prince Street, Unit 9
Alexandria, VA 22314

Jo Ploger Eger reminisces about her tour of duty (1945–47) as a clerk in the US Foreign Service embassy in Quito, Ecuador. She and husband Bill visited Quito in 1993 and enjoyed meeting up with old friends there. The couple resides in Groton, MA, where Jo is involved in a writing group. She recently completed a history of her Skidmore years, in which she pays tribute to her roommate and lifelong friend Jeanne Kimball Carrazzone, who “greatly enhanced the value of those four years.”

Phyllis Sperans Halpern
chatted with roommate Carolyn Fisher, bringing back happy memories of Skidmore days. She spent time with Marilyn Maier Feinberg while visiting Wellesley, MA, for several weeks this past summer. Phyllis is active in several arts groups that stage music festivals and concerts for young audiences.

Virginia Kent Haffenreffer looks forward to visiting residents at a nearby veterans’ home and finds her work very rewarding. Her husband, Bob, is a veteran.

Janice Sharp Atkins traveled to St. Louis with daughter Liz to visit her granddaughter, a senior at Washington University. Jan was impressed by the extensive botanical gardens on campus.


Miriam Blechman Grimes
2166 Pleasant Avenue
Glenside, PA 19038-5442
Fax: 215-886-2877

I returned from my first international Elderhostel trip—touring the Ukraine and Russia—absolutely convinced that it is the way to travel. I found myself thanking my grandparents for the courageous act of immigrating to the US as poor, non-English speakers with no one waiting to meet them.


Ruth Schleicher Kroon
4 Jedidiah Way
Chatham, MA 02633



Ruth Bloch Baltimore
630 Meadows
Newberry Estate
Dallas, PA 18612570-675-9085

Sue Strauss Kraus
13397 Garth Ct.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418561-626-8809

Evy Burns Stewart spent most of last summer packing, moving, and settling into a gated community in Ocala, FL, that offers more activities than she and husband Harold “could ever find time for.”

Jean Domin Knapp teaches 20 voice students, ranging from grade-schoolers to folks in their 50s and 60s, in her home studio. She also sings in a church choir and fine arts chorale, serves on her church music committee, and co-chaired the “Christmas Pops” for a fine arts gala in December.

In Cobbs Cree, VA, Pat Malmar Almond and husband Henry survived crashing trees and 12 days without power brought on by Hurricane Isabel. They counted themselves luckier than many neighbors who lost docks and shoreline.

Sally Cheney Buell was surprised by the arrival of son John from Florida to help celebrate her birthday last fall. Hosted by daughter Sue, the festivities drew all four children, three grandchildren, and many close friends. Sally’s present was a stay at a Cape Cod bed and breakfast.

Pat Devault Vickers hosted a gathering of their entire 21-member clan in July. Son Jamie was able to take leave from the Armyto attend. Pat and husband Bob are in great shape, working as personal trainers in a local gym. Pat is delighted with her new “toy,”a 2-year-old golden retriever.

Esther Anderson Lacey and husband Bob visited Bobby Green Brooks at her summer home in Hawley, PA, in August. They were joined by Nancy D’Wolf and a friend. Andy and Bob later attended the Skidmore Summer Exploration Program and enjoyed three days on campus. They attended two classes and spent an evening at SPAC and a day at the racetrack. “It was a great mix of people of different ages and backgrounds,” notes Andy, “and Saratoga is so much fun in the summer.”

Helping husband Marshall recover from surgery kept Jeanne Herrup Elman from attending last spring’s reunion. Happily, he is doing very well. The couple was delighted to attend the marriage of their oldest grandson last year.

While traveling in California, Muriel Grossman Kaufer visited Phyllis Magill Levy, whom she had not seen since graduation. “We knew each other immediately,” observes Muriel.

Tibby VanNess Reid spent a busy summer directing various musical groups. She noted that Grace Whiting Azevedo has been ill; we wish Grace a speedy recovery.
Since joining Curves, a women’s fitness gym, Dotsie Slosson Erskine has shed 10 pounds and five inches.

Californian Sue Davis Sutton traveled to NYC in October to see dear friend and Spring Street roommate Betty Fountain.

Anita Crawford Thomas was bitten by the acting bug several years ago. After a few lessons and some improvisational training, she landed starring roles in two full-length plays. “The wonder of it all is that I can remember the lines,” quips Anita.

Intrepid traveler Jean Elton Moran took a spectacular cruise on China’s Yangtze River and subsequently returned to the Galapagos Islands, her “favorite spot in the whole world,” for the third time. Closer to home, she volunteers in a second-grade classroom.

Georgetown, SC, is the winter home of Suzanne Stone Finney and husband Edward, who gathered with their five children and “umpteen” grandchildren there. An avid golfer, Suzanne is adjusting to being bested on the greens by 12-year-old grandson Carter. She took three granddaughters on a trip to London last year and has recently become a great-grandmother.


Reunion ’04!

Edith Armend Holtermann
319 Clarke Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10306-1127

Our 55th is coming up in June!

Katherine Morse Pincus and husband Mickey celebrated their 50th anniversary and attended his 50th medical school reunion last year. They have purchased a new home in Florida and a condo in Minneapolis. Happily retired, they are very proud of granddaughter Alison, a violinist and budding actress.

Helen Buch Thorpe and Joan Taylor Brandenburg are “summertime neighbors” in New Jersey. Bucky is selling her Chatham town house and remodeling her seasonal Ocean Grove house for full-time residence.

Hurricane Isabel dealt a devastating blow to Jane Ballin Hughes’s neighborhood near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in White Stone, VA. Happily, Jane and her home are safe.

Last year Joan Paxton Jameson underwent a second hip replacement (on the same hip) and spent most of the summer in the hospital after breaking her wrist. But there is good news too: Taxy closed on a new patio-style home in a retirement community and was thrilled to learn that her son, Thomas, an Army major, has been reassigned from Iraq to Dusseldorf, Germany.

Our condolences to Joan Taylor Brandenberg, whose husband, Bill, died in May.

I have been my usual busy self, organizing a church trip to Atlantic City and attending a reunion of the USS Miami in Valley Forge, NJ, in honor of my late husband, Al. While there, I toured the USS New Jersey, which enlightened me on Al’s years in the Navy. I also enjoyed a group tour this past fall, viewing beautiful foliage in Montreal and Quebec.


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