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Beatlemania 2004 The MU 345 tradition rocks on
Faculty and alumni authors


Faculty and alumni authors

A Church Divided: German Protestants Confront the Nazi Past
by Matthew Hockenos, assistant professor of history
Indiana University Press, 2004

During the Nazi years, Germany’s many Protestant churches formed various alliances, with one group openly aligned with the Nazis and others either noncomittal or cautious in their opposition to the regime. Postwar debates, however, which addressed the consequences of collaboration with the Nazis, involved every group and centered on issues of belief that were important to all. In tracking the divergent paths taken by prominent pastors, church leaders, and theologians as they sought to explain the church’s role in Nazism, Hockenos brings to light some long-standing divisions within Protestantism over the relationship between Jews and Christians, church and state, and Lutherans and Reformed Protestants.

• • •

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wall-Paper: A Sourcebook and Critical Edition
by Catherine Golden, professor of English
Routledge, 2004
A reprint of the complete original text, with extensive commentary and critical reviews

• • •

Ailey Spirit: The Journey of an American Dance Company
by Robert Tracy ’77
Stewart, Tabori and Chang, 2004
A forty-five-year history of a cultural institution, in interviews and photographs

• • •

Forever Crossed
by A. Leigh Jones (Audra Bruno), UWW ’01
Imajinn Books, 2004
A paranormal novel of suspense and action with a “chick lit” edge



Get booked. Alumni authors are urged to send copies of their books, publisher’s notes, or reviews, so that Scope can make note of their work in the “Books” column.