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Skidmore College
Career Jam

Career Jam 2020

Career Jam is our largest on-campus networking event of the year. Held during Celebration Weekend, this event brings parents, alumni, and students together for conversation around a topic on every student’s mind: careers. This is an opportunity for students to connect with professionals in their field of interest to learn about graduate school, interviews, resumes and potential job or internship opportunities.

This year Career Jam will obviously be looking a little different.  We will be hosting a series of smaller virtual networking events throughout the week.  Each day of the week will represent a separate Career Community.  Please participate in the Career Community that best fits your industry.

Join us virtually October 12 - 16. If accommodations are needed or you have any questions about this program, please contact Lauren Sisson at


NOTE: If  you are an Employer interested in recruiting, please contact Pam Fisher for scheduling.