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CIC stands for Career & Internship Connections, an event founded on the idea of "bringing the students to the employer." CIC takes place over winter break, when students are either home or able to travel more freely. Skidmore is just one of the member schoole that benefit from the ability to meet face to face with employers in New York City.

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ECCD NYCECCD is a one day interviewing event held in NYC on March 2, 2018. Highly sought-after employers recruit for full-time job opportunities, and select and interview top candidates from liberal arts colleges.




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Say hello to Handshake!  As of Fall 2017, Handshake replaced MyCDC and is now the premiere hub at Skidmore for finding jobs and internships that match YOUR interests. By logging in and updating your profile, you will receive customized job and internship opportunities that directly match the interests you specify.  Once you complete your profile, you can make it public so employers can find you! This is also where you can see and register for all of the events the CDC offers and also receive reminders.  Additionally, Handshake has the capability to schedule an appointment with a career counselor at your convenience.  If you are having trouble accessing your account, please call the CDC at (518) 580-5790. Click to get started!

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Anh Vu Nguyen ’17

Anh Vu Anh Vu
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