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Chemistry Department
Juan Navea

Juan Navea

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Office: Dana 217
Phone: 518-580-8126
Fax: 518-580-5129
Email: jnavea@skidmore.edu


At Skidmore since 2013


Curriculum Vitae


The Navea research group combines state-of-the-art experimental techniques with theoretical methods to study the impact of particulate matter in the chemical balance of the atmosphere. Although the atmosphere consists primarily of gases, atmospheric particles, or aerosols, play significant roles in shaping the chemical and physical conditions of the lower atmosphere. These atmospheric particles can originate from dust storms, volcanos, or even human activities. Despite of the paramount importance of atmospheric particles, little is known about the reactions that take place on their surface and how they affect climate. To understand these surface reactions, it is required to combine surface, aqueous, and gas phase analysis, under conditions that allows the simulation of nighttime and daytime chemistry. In our laboratory we have developed the experimental and computational methods required to achieve these studies. Our primary goal is to investigate, at a molecular level, the interaction between aerosols and the atmosphere, and understand the climate impact of atmospheric particulate matter. For instance, using our own photochemical reactor system, our research group recently confirmed that surface reactivity on aerosols affects the nitrogen cycle, with important climate implications. We are now investigating the effects of sun light in these surface-mediated reactions.


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