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Education Studies

Challenging the myth!

Can education majors study abroad? Of course they can!! So why does the myth persist?

Education studies faculty encourage majors to study abroad. Last year, five education majors studied abroad in Bath, England, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Sophomore students are studying abroad right now.

Next fall, five junior education majors will be studying in Bath, Copenhagen, Italy, and Ghana.

Education studies majors study abroad the fall of their junior year or the spring of their sophomore year. Plan early during your first year. Come in to talk to Joanna Zangrado, acting department chair of the Education Studies Department, in PMH 219.

Studying Abroad

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Random Testimonials

I'm going abroad to Bath, England where I'll have the opportunity to not only take classes that interest me, but to also volunteer in British schools. The program, ASE, is affiliated with Skidmore and the application process was easy. I'm excited to learn about the differences between schools in England and schools in America and to travel! - Melissa 2014