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Education Studies

Challenging the myth!

Can education majors study abroad? Of course they can!! So why does the myth persist?

Education studies faculty encourage majors to study abroad. Last year, five education majors studied abroad in Bath, England, and Copenhagen, Denmark. Sophomore students are studying abroad right now.

Next fall, five junior education majors will be studying in Bath, Copenhagen, Italy, and Ghana.

Education studies majors study abroad the fall of their junior year or the spring of their sophomore year. Plan early during your first year. Come in to talk to Joanna Zangrado, acting department chair of the Education Studies Department, in PMH 219.

Studying Abroad

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Random Testimonials

One of the greatest accomplishments during my time at Skidmore was pushing myself to go abroad during the fall of my sophomore year. As an education major, I was not sure this was a possibility for me but was determined to have that college "abroad experience" people talked about. I was apprehensive at first and unsure of what to expect; I felt this was an overwhelming undertaking at the time. In hindsight, this was the best decision I ever made for myself and not a day goes by where I don’t recall a fond and familiar memory of a place or interaction I had during my experience in Bath, England. There while studying at Advanced Studies In England, I had the opportunity to teach and learn in a British Primary School in a first and second grade inclusion classroom while taking classes on British educational policy and pedagogy by skilled English educators. I met British students, teachers and professors who each gave me a different perspective and insight into the British system of education. Each week I spent a day in the classroom, getting to know students, the daily routine and the joys and challenges of teaching five and six year olds. In my studies at ASE, I was able to make comparisons to what I knew about education within the United States to what I was seeing and learning about in a British Classroom. This experience allowed me to develop a love for teaching and learning and sparked a passion for education within me. I returned back to Skidmore that next fall with motivation to become the best teacher I could be and to take advantage of every learning experience. I am grateful for this opportunity and will forever see it as one of the happiest times in my life as a student and future teacher. - Betsy 2012