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Student doing fieldwork in a lab

Student Research at Skidmore

We encourage you, as a geoscience student, to conduct your own original research. This experience will allow you to put your skills to use, advance the fields of geoscience, and learn more than you thought you ever could. Most importantly, research will allow you to get involved in professional geological societies and start networking for a job or graduate school.

Independent research allows you to

Getting started is the easy part.

  1. Find an aspect of geoscience that interests you.
  2. Find a faculty member who has a similar interest.
  3. Go talk to that person about doing research.

Research Grants

The Mente et Malleo Research Grant was established to provide funding for undergraduate research for Skidmore geosciences. This is a competitive award and is based on the merits of your research proposal. The proposal deadline, including a detailed budget, is April 15, so start thinking about your research early in your junior year, or before!

Guidelines and Examples

Read through the guidelines for writing research proposals and research papers before you start to write your research proposals and research papers.

These examples are of the quality that the department expects.

A couple of hints as you start the proposal process: Read the literature for context and start writing early. From experience, a comprehensive proposal makes for high-quality research.

Recent Research Projects (since 2003)

Many of these were presented at National or Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America meetings. Many of the others were presented at Academic Festival or at other conferences such as the Vermont Geological Society meeting.