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Skidmore College
Geosciences Department


Students majoring in geosciences are required to:

  1. Fulfill the general college requirements.
  2. Complete the following:
    1. GE 101, and GE 377
    2. An approved course in analytical methods (ID 210 - Introduction to GIS or GE 305 - Remote Sensing of the Earth and Environment)
    3. CH 125 or CH 126 by the end of the junior year
    4. MA 113 or MA 204 or MS 204 or GE 235 by the end of the junior year
    5. PY 207 or PY 207H or BI 107 or BI 108
    6. Eight additional GE or GP courses, one of these may be at the 100 level, (minimum of 3 credits each), excluding GE 399 A-D
      1. One of these must be either GE 211, GE 216, GE 301, GE 304, GE 306, or GE 316
      2. At least two of these courses must be at the 200 level (only 1 of which may be GE 275 A-C - Introductory Research in Geosciences)
      3. At least three of these courses must be at the 300 level (only 1 of which may be GE 375 A-D - Senior Research in Geosciences)
        1. ES 308 may be substituted for one of the 300-level GE courses

WRITING REQUIREMENT IN THE MAJOR: As part of the writing-in-the-major requirement, Geoscience students will learn how to clearly propose research ideas and how to concisely convey their findings to broad audiences ranging from other geoscientists to the general public. Students will learn to contextualize their ideas and findings in the existing geosciences knowledge using the standard writing practices of the geosciences.

Learning Objectives for Writing in Geosciences

Students should be able to:

  • synthesize and cite information from a variety of sources in their writing;
  • articulate clearly hypotheses and methods for scientific research in their writing;
  • develop proficiency in expressing results, including addressing uncertainty in the findings;
  • convey the implications of findings for the geosciences community and/or the public through their writing; and
  • write effective independent and collaborative pieces.

In cooperation with the advisor, a student majoring in geosciences should construct a program to include a broad knowledge of the geosciences in general, as well as specific knowledge of one area of geosciences in greater depth. GE 371 is strongly recommended for students who intend to pursue graduate studies or a career in the field.

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