Healthy cooking 101

Healthy cooking 101

April 14, 2017

Nutrition class at Skidmore  
Marti Wolfson '02 (center) at the stewpot 

Armed with fresh vegetables and grains, chef Marti Wolfson ’02 showed students how to make healthy meals from scratch. She was back on campus as a guest in “Principles of Nutrition,” taught by her former professor Paul Arciero in health and exercise sciences. The class was held in the test kitchen of Murray-Aikins Dining Hall.

Skidmore nutrtion course 
RJ Caruso '18 wields the tongs.

An exercise science and dance double-major, Wolfson earned a master's degree in human nutrition and functional medicine from the University of Western States in Oregon. Goals for the Skidmore workshop, she says, were to help show students “how to enhance their own health and how to work with their clients when they go out into the health-care field.”


Arciero hopes to make her visit an annual event. He was impressed with the “herbs and spices that infused different tastes” into their meal of cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles with garlic, and other fare. The food was soon eaten up, but he hopes their learning “will be something they can use for the rest of their lives.”  

Skidmore nutrition course 
Bon appetit! and bon santé!
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