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Janet Macaulay Reardon

Emily Fricke-Carpenter, husband John, and daughters Rebecca and Olivia spent three months last winter in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where they studied Spanish and immersed themselves in the country’s rich culture and history. Emily says the girls thrived, and the family enjoyed the gift of time that is so hard to find in everyday life. Jaana Mattson visited them. She continues to make custom jewelry for a living.

Brian Rabinowitz and wife Jacqueline live in New Canaan, CT, with daughters Chloe, 2, and Reece, 1. Brian owns his own advertising agency, which he started in 2002. He keeps in touch with Jason Brown, Andrew Hughes, Eric Meystre, Richard Schoff, and Randy Thomas.

In November Helene Schneider was elected mayor of Santa Barbara, CA, in a fiercely contested five-way race. The Democrat faced negative campaign ads and was greatly outspent by several other candidates in the historically Republican city. An English major who minored in women’s studies, Helene was lauded by women’s studies professor Mary Stange for her leadership in “campaigning for the rights of workers and the homeless, women’s and environmental rights, and fiscal responsibility.”

Liz Laitman Hughes and husband Mike are happy to announce the birth of son Nathaniel on February 11. (Nate is named after a relative on the side of Liz’s mother, Marilyn Rosenfeld Laitman ’57.) The family lives in Silver Spring, MD, and Liz works at the National Gallery of Art, producing documentary films. Check out the video podcasts at the NGA’s Web site to see clips of some of Liz’s work, including a recent film on Pompeii.

Sasha Leland relocated from Boston to Oceanside, CA, to take a job with Cobra, sister company of his former employer, Titleist. He loves the perfect San Diego area weather.

Heather Johnson Worrell and husband Leon welcomed daughter Harpur on April 3. She joins sister Sydney, 7, who is in first grade, and brother Quinn, 6, who is in kindergarten; they are both thrilled. The family lives in the Philadelphia suburb of Wayne, PA. This past summer they vacationed on Nantucket, where Heather caught up with Heather St. Onge Nicholls and Kim Crosby Snow ’93. They spent a wonderful day at the beach with their families, but the visit was just too short, she says.

Laura Oppenheimer-Carlier and husband Laurent announce the birth of son Felix on October 6. The family lives in Brussels, Belgium.

Jennifer Kong married Terry Chan on May 23 in Flushing, NY. Over 200 guests were in attendance, including Kimberly Pohl, Amy Church Marinovic ’93, Sangki Kwon ’94, Peter Wan ’95, and Mei Juan Chen ’95.

Naomi Vladeck Putter and Sarah Finkelberg White took a flying-trapeze class together in Upstate New York last fall. While it was nerve-wracking, they gave each other courage, and both made several successful and exhilarating jumps from the very high platform.