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Skidmore Microscopy Imaging Center - SMIC

Microscopy-based Research

Many Skidmore faculty members are engaging in microscopy-based research utilizing SMIC.  For more information, see their individual webpages below.  If you are student and would like to learn more about microscopy or use the microscopy center for your independent research, contact your research advisor, or SMIC Director, David Domozych.

Dr. David Domozych, Professor, Biology Department, SMIC Director: plant cell biology, plant evolution

Dr. Jennifer Bonner, Assistant Professor, Biology Department: neurobiology of the spinal cord using zebra fish as a model organism

Dr. Sarita Lagalwar, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience: research on neurodegenerative diseases using mouse and human models

Dr. Richard Lindeman, Professor, Geoscience Department: paleogeology of Dacryoconarids

Dr. Javier Perez-Moreno, Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics Department: polarized light microscopy, photonic band gap engineering research

Dr. Sylvia Franke-McDevitt, Assistant Professor, Biology Department: research on microbial metal homeostasis

Dr. Juan Navea, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department: research on atmospheric particles



Recent Publications from SMIC Users

Ochs, J., LaRue, T., Tinaz, B., Yongue, C. and Domozych, D.S. (2014) The cortical cytoskeletal network and cell wall dynamics in the unicellular charophycean green alga, Penium margaritaceum. Annals of Botany (in press).

Domozych, D.S., Sorensen, I., Sacks, C., Brechka, H., Andreas, A., Fangel, J.U., Rose, J.K.C., Willats, W.G.T. and Popper, Z.A. (2014) Disruption of the microtubule network alters cellulose deposition and causes major changes in pectin distribution in the cell wall of the green alga, Penium margaritaceum. Journal of Experimental Botany 65: 465-479.

Sorensen, I., Fei, Z., Andreas, A., Willats, W.G.T., Domozych, D.S. and Rose, J.K.C. (2014) Stable transformation and reverse genetic analysis of Penium margaritaceum: a platform for studies of charophyte green algae, the immediate ancestors of land plants. Plant Journal 77: 339-351.

Buda, G.J., Barnes, W.J., Fich, E.A., Park, S., Yeats, T.H., Zhao, L., Domozych, D.S. and Rose, J.K.C. (2013) An ATP binding cassette transporter is required for cuticular wax deposition and desiccation tolerance in the moss Physcomitrella patens. Plant Cell 25: 4000-4013.

Ulvskov, P., Paiva, D.S., Domozych D.S., and Harholt, J. (2013) Classification, naming and evolutionary history of glycosyltransferases from sequenced green and red algal genomes. PLOS ONE 8: e76511

Domozych, D.S., Ciancia, M., Fangel, J.U., Mikkelsen, M.D., Ulvskov, P. and Willats, W.G.T. (2012) The cell walls of green algae: a journey through evolution and diversity. Frontiers in Plant Physiology doi: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00082.

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Domozych, D.S., Brechka, H., Britton, A. and Toso, M. (2011) Cell Wall Growth and Modulation Dynamics in a Model Unicellular Green Alga—Penium margaritaceum: Live Cell Labeling with Monoclonal Antibodies. Journal of Botany doi:10.1155/2011/632165.

Popper, Z.A., Michel, G., Hervé, C., Domozych, D.S., Willats, W.G.T., Tuohy, M.G., Kloareg, B. and Stengel, D.B. (2011) Evolution and Diversity of Plant Cell Walls: From Algae to Flowering Plants. Annual Review of Plant Biology 62, 567-590.


Beck A., Watt, R. and Bonner J. (2013) Mounting of zebrafish embryos for optimal microscopy.  Journal of Visual Experimentation (84), e50703, doi:10.3791/50703  Online Video

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Bonner J., Letko M., Nikolaus O.B., Krug L., Cooper A., Chadwick B., Conklin P., Lim A., Chien C-B, Dorsky R.I. (2012) Midline crossing is not required for subsequent pathfinding decisions in commissural neurons. Neural Development 7(1):18.
Gribble S.L., Kim H.S., Bonner J., Wang X., Dorsky R.I.  (2009) Tcf3 inhibits spinal cord neurogenesis by regulating sox4a expression.  Development 136(5):781-9.
Bonner J., Gribble S.L., Veien E.S., Nikolaus O.B., Weidinger G., Dorsky R.I.  (2008) Proliferation and patterning are mediated independently in the dorsal spinal cord downstream of canonical Wnt signaling.  Developmental Biology 313(1):398-407.

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