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World Languages and Literatures

Language Requirement and Class Placement

To fulfill the language requirement at Skidmore College, all students must complete one course in a foreign language-designated course in the Department of World Languages and Literatures or the Department of Classics. There are several ways to place into the correct level of the language you choose to study. The course must be appropriate to your level of language expertise as determined below:

In all cases, it is ultimately the professor who determines a student’s appropriate language level.

Placement Determined by an SAT II Exam: If you have taken the SAT II exam for a language, use the following guidelines for placement:

A score of 0-490 French, German, or Italian 102; Spanish 103
A score of 500-560 Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish 203
A score of 570 and above Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish courses above the 203 level

Online Placement Exams for French, German, Italian, and Spanish: If you plan to continue your previous study of French, Spanish, or German and you did not take the SAT II or AP exams, you must take the online placement exam to determine which level of course to take at Skidmore.


Any student who deliberately does poorly on the Skidmore language placement exam or who knowingly and willfully enrolls in a class below the student’s language proficiency level is in violation of the Skidmore College Honor Code and may be referred to the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Advising and/or the Integrity Board for further action. Students should be aware that the penalties attached to an academic integrity violation may jeopardize a student's standing at the college. Students should also be aware that those who have committed academic integrity violations are ineligible for college honors, including but not limited to, the Dean's List, graduation honors, and inclusion in certain honor societies. Students who have questions about their placement should speak to their class instructor.

WebCAPE Placement Exams for French, German, Italian and Spanish

0–339 French 102, German or Italian 102, Spanish 103
340–390 French, German, Italian, Spanish 203
391 and above French, German, Italian, Spanish courses 206 and above


Please Note:

There is a 24-hour delay for this score to post to the system; therefore you should take the exam at least  one day prior to your registration timeslot.

For students interested in Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese or Russian: Please contact the instructor.