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Skidmore College
Campus Safety

Moving Violations

Moving violations involve the improper operation of motor vehicles (including motorcycles) on the Skidmore College campus. 

Reckless Driving Shall mean driving or using any motor vehicle in a manner, which unreasonably interferes with the free and proper use of the roadways or unreasonably endangers users of the roadways.
Speeding Driving in excess of posted speed limits.
Driving on Unpaved Areas Operating a motor vehicle on any unpaved area of the campus unless such operation is at the direction of Campus Safety or Facilities Services.
Avoiding Speed Bumps By driving around them.
Failure to Obey Posted Instructions Shall include One Way, Stop Signs and other posted instructions that control the operation of motor vehicles.
Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Under the Influence (Alcohol and/or Drugs) Under the laws of New York State, sanctions for violations regarding alcohol consumption and/or illegal drug use and the operation of a motor vehicle range from violations to a felony based on previous history and/or the amount of consumption and/or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level.  Also, anyone under the age of 21 who is operating a motor vehicle after having consumed alcohol is guilty of a traffic infraction regardless of whether they are intoxicated or impaired.  The College reserves the right to contact local law enforcement agencies to enforce these laws.