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Skidmore College
Campus Safety

Winter Parking Policy

Facilities Services will determine the exact date that the Winter Parking Policy will be activated and remain in effect throughout the winter months.  This will occur during the late fall semester and will be announced by email, signage, and a SUNS alert.  The following rules apply when this policy is activated.


  • All "Perimeter Road" parking will be prohibited.
  • All "Commuter Lots" MUST be cleared of vehicles between the hours of 2am and 7am, each morning.
  • Vehicles parked in "Temporary" and "Handicap" spots on campus and in Northwoods must be moved to accommodate plowing activities.


In the event Facilities Services determines that parking lots on campus require the removal of snow accumulation the "Emergency Snow Removal Plan" will be activated.

  • When "The Emergency Snow Removal Plan" is activated the community will be notified by email, signage, and the Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNs).
  • The following table provides the parking schedule when the "Emergency Snow Removal Plan" is activated:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Facilities Services activated the Emergency Snow Removal Plan All "Commuter" lots are cleared of snow between 2am and 7am. All "overnight" lots are cleared of snow between 2am and 7am All Parking Returns to Normal
Notices are sent to the community by email, signage, and the SUN System. Commuters park in "Commuter" lots upon arrival after 7am. Commuters park in "Overnight" lots upon arrival after 7am.
Vehicles parked in "Overnight" lots MUST move to "Commuter" lots between 4pm and midnight. All vehicles parked in "Commuter" lots are required to return to "Overnight" lots by midnight.


No Parking 2am to 7am Arts Quad A/Zankel Parking Lots
Barrett Center Loop Arts Quad B Parking Lot (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
Case Lot Falstaff's Parking Lot (TEMPORARILY CLOSED)
Dance Theater/Lodge Lots Northwoods Parking Lot
Harder Hall Lot (TEMPORARILY CLOSED) Sussman Village Parking Lots
Jonsson Tower Lot Tang Lot
North Hall Lot Wait Lot
North Hall East Lot West Lot
Palamountain Lot  
Sports Center/Greenberg Child Care Center Lot  
Perimeter Road Spaces (CLOSED DURING WINTER)  



Facilities Services retains the option to modify these plans as needed to accommodate changing weather conditions and College need.  All attempts will be made to notify the community in a timely fashion.

Vehicles parked in violation of this policy are subject to ticketing and towing at the owner's expense without notification.