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Skidmore College
Campus Safety

Campus Safety Alerts

In the event of a situation that poses a risk to the safety and security of the Skidmore College Community the Department will issue a Campus Safety Alert through various mediums to advise the campus of potentially dangerous or important safety information. We will alert the Community by:

  • Posting notices campus-wide on colored paper (FLUORESCENT LIME) that is reserved solely for this purpose.
  • Distributing campus-wide emails.

Examples of when a Campus Safety Alert may be issued are when the following crimes are reported:

  • A room burglary in a residence hall
  • A sexual assault

When there is an urgent need to notify the campus community of a situation, Campus Safety may send a message using the Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS).  This system allows for text messaging, email, phone messages, and social media posts to be delivered to the community.

Student are automatically enrolled in SUNS System.  Faculty and Staff need to enroll themselves at the following link:

Skidmore Urgent Notification System (SUNS)

Situations where a SUNS message may be generated are:

  • A reported armed person on or nearby the campus
  • An imminent tornado warning for the campus area
  • A serious environmental concern such as a large chemical spill or fire in the area of the campus

Events that are reported to Campus Safety more than five (5) days after the occurrence will generally not be the subject of a Campus Safety Alert or SUNS message.  However, Campus Safety reserved the option to deliver notices via Safety Alerts and/or SUNS message, even for past events if deemed appropriate by the Director of Campus Safety or designee.

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