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Skidmore College

Inclement Weather Update

Due to current weather conditions, Skidmore College will suspend operations tomorrow, Sunday, January 20, 2019.

Residence halls and the dining hall will remain open for students on campus and those who are able to return to campus on Sunday. However, all other scheduled activities have been cancelled.

Essential staff should report as scheduled. Facilities Services will continue to work throughout the storm. Read more at

Campus Safety

Emergency Blue Light Telephones

Emergency Blue Light PhoneLocated throughout the Skidmore College campus are eighteen (18) pole mounted Emergency Blue Light Telephones. Become familiar with their location and use them in the case of an emergency. By depressing the button on the light pole you will have direct access to the Department of Campus Safety. Once activated, the light will flash alerting others to your location.

Locations of Emergency Blue Light Telephones:

  • 3 Dayton (Northwoods)
  • 4 Cane Crossing (Northwoods)
  • 7 Dayton (Northwoods)
  • 8 Cane Crossing (Northwoods)
  • 9 Dayton (Northwoods)
  • Arts Quad A North (Zankel)
  • Arts Quad A South (Zankel)
  • Arts Quad B North (Harder Hall)
  • Arts Quad B South (Harder Hall)
  • Baseball Field (Denton Road)
  • Case Center (outside of building facing Case Green)
  • Case Green (between Case Center and Tish Center)
  • Dana Science (Green Side)
  • Dance Center (east exterior wall)
  • Dance Center (west exterior wall-same side as track)
  • Falstaff's Parking Lot (Front)
  • Falstaff's Parking Lot (Rear)
  • Falstaff's Pavillion
  • Filene Music Hall (near Perimeter Road)
  • Haupt Pond (South Park)
  • Kimball Residence Hall (Tower Parking Lot side)
  • McClellan Residence Hall (Case Parking Lot side)
  • Northwoods Path (Adjacent to Wait Hill)
  • Northwoods Parking Lot (Northwoods)
  • Palamountain Parking Lot (North)
  • Palamountain Parking Lot
  • Softball Field (Behind Sports Center)
  • Sussman Village between Apartments A & B
  • Sussman Village between Apartments G & H
  • Sussman Village between Apartments H & J
  • Sussman Village between Apartments J & K
  • Sussman Village between Apartments K & L
  • Sussman Village Ramp (Sussman Village)
  • Tang Museum (west of Museum along walkway)
  • Track/Athletic Field
  • Wait Parking Lot (at NW corner of Jonsson Tower)
  • Wiecking Hall Walkway
  • Wilson Chapel (near Perimeter Road)

Other Emergency telephone on campus which ring directly into the Department of Campus Safety are located at the following locations:

  • Biology Hallway
  • Case Center 3rd Floor East Side
  • Case Center 3rd Floor West Side
  • Case Center Loading Dock Area
  • Dana 2nd Floor Stairwell
  • Dana 3rd Floor Stairwell
  • Dana 4th Floor
  • Dana Greenhouse
  • Howe/Rounds Front Door
  • JKB Theater Chair Lift
  • Jonsson Tower Front Door
  • Kimball Hall East
  • Kimball Hall West
  • Ladd 3rd Floor (By Elevator)
  • North Hall Garage Area
  • Penfield Front Door
  • Sports Center Fitness Room
  • Sports Center Pool (North Wall)
  • Sports Center Pool (South Wall)
  • Sports Center Pool Office
  • Sports Center Weight Room
  • Surrey Front Door
  • Tang Loading Dock
  • Tang West Entrance
  • Tisch Lab 121
  • Wait Hall Front Door
  • Wiecking Hall Front Door
  • Wilmarth South Side
  • Wilmarth West Side
  • Zankel Front Door
  • Zankel Loading Dock South