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Skidmore College
Campus Safety

Driving and Parking Rules for Campus


The primary focus of parking rules at Skidmore College is to facilitate the safe egress of emergency vehicles to and from various locations on campus while ensuring safe pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic about campus, especially for those with accessibility concerns. These rules assist the College in complying with various state and municipal code requirements.   


These rules apply to all students, employees, and visitors to campus. These parking rules remain in effect throughout the year. 


ALL student, employee, and overnight visitor vehicles parked on campus must be registered with Campus Safety and display a valid permit. 
  • This includes students living off campus. 
  • Off-campus resident and temporary on-campus overnight permits for guests are FREE.
  • All student and employee parking permits  may be obtained HERE. 

Student parking permits are issued based upon housing assignment. 

  • Students living in on-campus apartments and residence halls receive different permits than students living off campus.  
  • The type of permit issued identifies where a student can park (see below).
  • If a student moves from on-campus to off-campus housing, or vice versa, they must contact Campus Safety to receive the correct parking permit for their new housing assignment.  
  • Student permits are valid for one academic year and must be renewed each academic year.  
  • Students are charged for an entire academic year. If a student goes abroad, or no longer has a vehicle on campus during the second semester of an academic year, they will be credited with the unused portion of the permit fee. Credits are only given for complete semesters; no partial semester credits will be issued. 

Employee parking permits are issued indefinitely.  

  • Employees will need to certify their vehicle use periodically. 
  • Employee permits are free of charge. 

Visitors to campus who are parking overnight must register their vehicle HERE.

  • Visitor parking permits are green tags that are hung from the rearview mirror.
  • Visitor parking permits are only valid for three (3) consecutive nights. 


Students residing on campus (residence halls or apartments) – square parking permit 

Student parking lots are: Cane Lot (Northwoods large lot), Sussman Village, West, Wait, and Falstaff’s lots ONLY. These are the only lots where on-campus residents may park at any time. 

Students residing on campus (in residence halls or apartments) must park in student lots ONLY between the hours of 2 a.m. and 4 p.m.  

Students residing on campus are prohibited from parking in the following Communter Lots: Arts Quad A (Zankel), Arts Quad B (near Main Entrance), Case, Jonsson Tower, Lodge (Greenberg), North Hall, North Hall East, Palamountain, Williamson Sports Center, and Tang Museum. The prohibition for parking in Commuter Lots is lifted between the hours of 4 p.m. and 2 a.m. each day.  

Students residing off campus (commuters) – round parking permit 

Students residing off campus may park in any lot with an available unrestricted space but are encouraged to park in Arts Quad A (Zankel), Arts Quad B (near main entrance), Case, Jonsson Tower, Lodge (Greenberg), North Hall, North Hall East, Palamountain, Williamson Sports Center, and Tang Museum lots. 

Overnight parking (2 a.m. – 7 a.m.), is only permitted in Sussman, Northwoods, Falstaff’s, Wait, and West lots.  


Employees may park in any lot with an available unrestricted space but are encouraged to park in Arts Quad A (Zankel), Arts Quad B (near main entrance), Case, Jonsson Tower, Lodge (Greenberg), North Hall, North Hall East, Palamountain, Williamson Sports Center, and Tang Museum lots.     

NOTE: All parking lot restrictions are lifted weekdays after 4 p.m., and on Saturday and Sunday. However, all restrictions are re-instated on weekdays and weekends at 2 a.m.   


  • Parking is only permitted in designated parking areas that are clearly marked by striping. Parking in any other areas is prohibited.  
  • Vehicles must be parked entirely within one designated parking spot. Parking on or over parking lines is prohibited. This applies even when parking areas are snow-covered.
  • Exceeding 30 minutes in a load/unload space is prohibited.Electric vehicle charging stations are reserved for electric vehicles only.
  • Electric vehicles must remain plugged into the charging station whenever occupying the charging station parking spot.
  • Parking is not permitted at any time in:
    • Fire lanes
    • Handicapped parking spots (without a permit issued by a municipality. Health Services permits do not qualify as permits issued by a municipality.)
    • Loading dock areas
    • No-parking zones
    • Roadways (Roadways are the portion of the highway designed and ordinarily used for vehicular travel.)
    • Grass areas (Any portion of a vehicle on the grass is a violation.)
    • Reserved parking spaces
    • Any area blocked by traffic cones or other barriers
    • Parking lot or areas closed due to snow removal, construction, or other reason
    • Non-designated parking areas
    • Areas marked by diagonal striping or other similar pavement markings
  • Vehicles parked in the parallel parking spaces must be parked facing the direction of traffic. These parking spaces are closed during winter months.
  • No parking is permitted in the identified spaces reserved for child-care drop-off and pick-up Monday through Friday. Child-care spots are located outside the Early Childhood Center in Palamountain Lot and at the Greenberg Child Care Center.
  • Parking in Barrett Loop is limited to one hour while conducting business within Barrett Center, Monday through Friday. No overnight parking is permitted in Barrett Loop. 


  • The Northwoods Lot (formerly Cane Lot) is the ONLY approved overnight parking within the Northwoods Apartment complex, except handicapped spaces with a municipal permit. 
  • All parking within Northwoods, which is not within the Northwoods Lot, is special-use parking with specific rules governing use.
    • There are 30-minute load/unload and handicapped access spaces only.
    • Exceeding 30 minutes in a load/unload space is prohibited.
    • There is no overnight parking in these special-use spaces except with a municipal handicapped permit or a temporary Health Services permit. 


  • Occasionally, parking lots will be closed for certain times to facilitate snow removal or construction. Parking lot closures will be announced via the SUNS system and/or email. 
  • If directed, all vehicles must be removed from identified lots by the time specified.
  • Vehicles may not re-enter the identified lots until after the specified times.
  • Vehicles remaining in lots beyond the closure time are subject to being towed.   


  • Students leaving a vehicle on campus during break periods (Thanksgiving, winter, spring or summer) must complete a vehicle waiver.
  • Vehicles left on campus during class breaks must be parked in the lower level of Northwoods Parking Lot, or another lot identified by Campus Safety.
  • Vehicles left in unapproved locations are subject to being ticketed and towed at the owner’s expense. 


  • Any vehicle improperly parked is subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense without prior notice. 
  • Repeated violations of the parking policy may result in on-campus parking privileges being suspended or revoked. Such decisions will be made by the director of Campus Safety or designee. 
  • All parking violations, fines, and applicable towing charges are automatically assigned to the registered owner's account regardless of who may have been driving at the time of the violation.
  • Student fees and fines are paid through the Bursar’s Office in Starbuck Center. 
  • Employee fees and fines are paid through Financial Services in Barrett Center. 


  • Vehicles parked in violation of the parking rules are subject to being ticketed and towed for each violation without notice. 
  • During snow-removal procedures, you will be required to move your vehicle to enable plowing operations. Vehicles that obstruct snow removal may be towed without notice. Vehicles may also be towed from any other location in the interest of safety as determined by the Department of Campus Safety. This includes unattended vehicles. 


  • Parking tickets may be appealed online by clicking here. 
  • All appeals must be submitted within 10 days of the ticket being issued. Ticket appeal decisions are made by Campus Safety Administration, and all outcomes are final. 
(Updated 08/2022)