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English Department

Faculty Publications

Hurt and Pain, cover image
HURT AND PAIN: Literature and the
Suffering Body
by Susannah B. Mintz
(Bloomsbury Press.)
Venera, cover image
Venera: Poems by Jay Rogoff
(Baton Rouge: Louisiana University
State Press, 2014.)
A Room of His Own, cover image
A Room of His Own: A Literary-Cultural
Study of Victorian Clubland
by Barbara
Black (Ohio University Press.)
The Book of Mischief, cover image
The Book of Mischief: New and Selected
by Steve Stern (Graywolf Press.)
We Others: New and Selected, cover image
We Others: New and Selected Stories,
by Steven Millhauser (Knopf, 2011.)
Destroy All Monsters, cover image
Destroy All Monsters, by Greg Hrbek
(Univ of Nebraska Press, 2011.)