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How does the English major prepare students for living in, and thoughtfully engaging with, the world? Through a curriculum that emphasizes diverse cultural and literary texts, English majors learn to read closely, think critically, as well as research, interpret, and write with clarity, coherence, and precision. Through a vital intellectual environment that includes class meetings, lectures, panels, and symposia, the English Department offers students the intellectual and practical tools to engage a variety of twenty-first century professional, political, and ethical issues. As English students progress from introductory to capstone courses, they take on increasingly sophisticated and elaborate modes of writing and analysis that prepare them for a rapidly changing public sphere.



1) Don’t miss a fantastic symposium coming up on March 23-24 at Skidmore—first Humanistic Inquiry Symposium, on the subject of metamorphosis. Presentations from faculty all over the College and keynote by Martin Puchner from Harvard are the highlights of the program. Our very own April Bernard, Joseph Cermatori, Bina Gogineni, and Sarah Goodwin will be speaking. Open to the public. Check out the HI website for the complete program, times, and locations.


2) Students declaring the major should leave their declaration forms with Theresa Knickerbocker in the English Department office, 313 Palamountain, to be signed by the chair.