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English Department

Faculty Publications

Saving Julian A Novel, cover image
Saving Julian: A Novel by Mason Stokes
(Wilde City Press)
To Forget Venice, cover image
To Forget Venice by Peg Boyers
(The University of Chicago Press.)
Hurt and Pain, cover image
HURT AND PAIN: Literature and the
Suffering Body
by Susannah B. Mintz
(Bloomsbury Press.)
Venera, cover image
Venera: Poems by Jay Rogoff
(Baton Rouge: Louisiana University
State Press, 2014.)
A Room of His Own, cover image
A Room of His Own: A Literary-Cultural
Study of Victorian Clubland
by Barbara
Black (Ohio University Press.)
The Book of Mischief, cover image
The Book of Mischief: New and Selected
by Steve Stern (Graywolf Press.)
We Others: New and Selected, cover image
We Others: New and Selected Stories,
by Steven Millhauser (Knopf, 2011.)
Destroy All Monsters, cover image
Destroy All Monsters, by Greg Hrbek
(Univ of Nebraska Press, 2011.)