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Play to share story of heroine of Holocaust

"Life in a Jar" is the tale of Irena Sendler, Polish Catholic social worker who helped hide more than 2,000 Jewish children during World War II. A group of Kansas high school students are responsible for bringing Sendler's story to ligiht.

Arem's Carr Lecture to focus on restoring, reviving, and re-imaging music

Arem, a 2004 Skidmore graduate, and her Magic Shop Studio colleagues will tell how to restore, revive, and re-imagine music in this presentation, which will also include live performances by a number of musical artists.

Solo exhibition of Elgin's work to open at Schick Art Gallery

Although he retired in 1998, Jeffrey Elgin continues to create art. This exhibition will showcase a selection of recently completed paintings and drawings.

Italian Jewish culture to be topic of March 29 program

Yale scholar Risa Sodi headlines the program, which features a lecture, reception, and film, all scheduled Sunday, March 29.



Faculty and Staff Achievements

Faculty-Staff Achievements, March 23, 2015

Taylor earns reconition for book, Lopez nets attention for his approach to bracketology.

Faculty-Staff Achievements, March 2, 2015

Glotzbach remembers Father Hesburg, Hodgins is interviewed about meditation.
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