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MU106 Great Composer

Sixties British Songwriters

Quizzes: We will have six quizzes, approximately one every other week. Quiz questions will ask you to respond to a recording by naming the composer(s), the approximate month/year of the recording, and another piece of information about the songwriter, performers, or some other aspect of the song/recording. Your semester quiz grade will be an average of your scores. (50%)

Final Exam: The final exam will consist largely (but not completely) of questions taken from the semester quizzes. If your grade in the class is B+ or better at the end of classes, you may chose to opt out of the final, in which case, your quiz grade serves as your final grade. (20%)

Song Comparison: You will take three songs (no more, no less) by British songwriters and that date from the 1960s and compare them. Take into consideration the subject matter of the songs, the musical structure, and historical/cultural context of the song's creation. Papers will be no less than 2,000 words and no longer than 2,700 words. Your grade will be a combination of the quality of your analyses and comparisons and your ability to write clearly and correctly. (20%)

Attitude: Part of your grade consists of my evaluation of your participation in class, your regular attendance, and your academic diligence. (10 %) 

Alpha-numeric Equivalence

Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade
 100% A+  70% < 75% C+
 95% <100% A  65% < 70% C
 90% < 95% A- 60% < 65% C-
85% < 90% B+ 55% < 60% D+
80% < 85% B  50% < 55% D
 75% < 80 B- < 50% F


Paper Expectations   

A     Distinguished work

B     Superior work

C     Satisfactory work

D     Passing, poor quality work

F     Failure