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Filene Music Scholarship Information

You can get some idea of how your musical interests might develop at Skidmore, along with all of the information about the Filene competition, in the online PDF of the full Filene Scholarship Brochure.

Filene Music Scholarships are awarded each year through a performance competition coordinated by Skidmore's Department of Music. Filene Scholars are not required to major in music; they are expected, however, to continue to develop their skills through private instruction in the Music Department each semester and to participate in department ensembles each semester as determined by the department chair.

At least four scholarships are awarded for each incoming class, with three of the awards being made solely on the basis of musical excellence, without regard to area of specialization. The fourth scholarship will be awarded to help meet the department's current ensemble needs.

The annual scholarship of $12,000 is awarded to competition winners without consideration of financial need, and it is credited in $6,000 installments to the recipient's account in the fall and spring semesters. Financial aid applicants who demonstrate financial need will receive Skidmore grant aid in addition to their Filene Scholarships. For more information on Skidmore grant assistance, contact the Office of Financial Aid, 518-580-5750.  

Scholarship awards are renewed each year if the student continues in good academic standing and receives the recommendation of the Department of Music.

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The competition is open to high school seniors who meet the criteria for admission to Skidmore College and who apply for admission by January 15, 2018. Students are allowed to compete only once. Children and dependents of Skidmore College faculty and staff are not eligible for the competition.

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For repertoire suggestions contact Michele Koskinen, administrative assistant, Department of Music, who will put you in contact with the appropriate performance faculty.  518-580-5320

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Important Dates and Entry Procedure

Preliminary Round: January 15, 2018

Contestants should submit via audio or video upload to SlideRoom (see the link on the online registration page) by January 15, 2018.

All submissions should include titles, movements and composers' names.

Note: If you wish to compete in more than one performance area, please be sure to include the required number of audio or video uploads for each.

Finalists selected from the Preliminary Round of auditions must appear in person at Skidmore for the Final Round.

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Competition Procedure

The chair will notify finalists of their eligibility for the Final Round by telephone on March 12, 2018. Finalists must indicate their intention to participate in the competition within a week, in order to compete in the Final Round at Skidmore College on March 24, 2018.

The Final Round of the competition is on one day only. No finalist will be judged on any other day. Only finalists who perform in the hall that day will be judged. This is an "open" competition, and we invite all finalists and their families into the hall to hear and to observe. Neither recording nor photography of the competition is allowed.

Following the Final Round of the competition, the judges will select up to six winners. Four scholarship winners are sponsored by the Filene Foundation and the Ladd Charitable Trust, and two by Skidmore College. Additionally, judges will select a number of finalists for honorable mention. In the event that a winner of a Filene scholarship does not accept admission to Skidmore College, it will be offered to a student who received an honorable mention rating. The two Skidmore-sponsored scholarships are offered only to those students awarded at the final round.

Faculty of Skidmore's Department of Music oversee and participate in the judging of the competition. The judges' decisions are final, and we reserve the right to name fewer winners if four do not qualify.

Announcement of the awards is usually made directly following the auditions; otherwise it will be made within one week of the Final Round.

The department presents the scholarship winners in a concert at Skidmore in the fall of their freshman year.

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Regulations for Final Round

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For more information about the Filene Scholarship Program or the Music Department, contact:
Jeremy Day-O'Connell
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Music
Skidmore College
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632